Currently, the form of buying and shipping from the US to Vietnam is being adopted by many people. But because the geographical distance between the two countries is quite far away, the idea of ​​this work is not convenient and easy compared to other countries. So how long does shipping from the US to Vietnam take? This is one of the questions that most American shoppers ask. Let’s find out about this issue through the article below.

vietair-cargo-gui-hang-tu-california-ve-viet-nam-gia-re How long is shipping from the US to Vietnam?

Average time to ship from the US to Vietnam:

Geographically, the United States and Vietnam are two countries that are nearly two-thirds of the Earth’s distance, with a relatively large gap, which makes transit times much longer. Today, the most basic form of transportation used by transport companies is air freight and shipping.

Due to the fact that the economic cooperation between the US and Vietnam has not really developed yet, air transportation is convenient. Actually, the US and Vietnam currently have no direct flights, so the number of flights between the United States and Vietnam still faces many obstacles. Therefore, the average time for each order shipped from the US to Vietnam usually ranges from 8-10 days, including the time of transportation from the place of purchase to the place of receipt. Depending on the order, type of goods and local characteristics, the transit time may be short or long. Therefore, it can be said that it takes a long time to transport goods from the US to Vietnam. In addition, if using the shipment by ship, it can last up to monthly.

Shipping from USA to Vietnam by shipping company:

Currently, VietAir Cargo we have been carrying services from the United States to Vietnam at low cost to serve the needs of consumers in the country. You are also asking the question, how long will the shipping company’s service deliver goods from the US to Vietnam? As we have shared in other articles, we now apply only to air freight.

We always try our best, looking for the best air freight forwarding units, shorten the time of transporting goods to customers safely in Vietnam.

Time to ship from the company’s headquarters in the state of CALI to Vietnam by air within 5-7 days after the customer has paid for goods. Before that, we had to wait for the seller, the supplier to ship from the other US states to the company headquarters, this time would take 3-5 days, the longer the time if you order. From many different countries. There are some special cases, the goods will be delayed by the seller late delivery, the flight is delayed by the company unwilling. And it is also important to have trouble importing in Hai Quan of Vietnam. In this case, we will directly contact the customer and look forward to the cooperation and waiting from the customer. We are committed to serving our customers the best to offer the best quality of service.

Above is the article we shared with you about the field of shipping from the US to Vietnam will lose in how long time. You should consult to get useful information when choosing the right service for your own.

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