You want to ship to the United States for your relatives, ship to customers and partners in the United States and are looking for a prestigious service at affordable prices when the market arose a number of companies offering services. Shipping to the US makes you extremely anxious? Then come to VietAir Cargo immediately.

van-chuyen-hang-di-my-gia-re Guide how to ship to the US

Some difficulties encountered when shipping to the US

The difficulties that are very easy to make you so anxious are:

  • It is difficult to find a carrier to the United States
  • Do not know the procedures, the way to ship to the United States
  • Do not know the cost saving tips shipped
  • The problem of preserving goods, avoid losses extremely difficult

How to ship to the US through VietAir Cargo?

At VietAir Cargo, all the usual worries or difficulties will be solved more easily than ever. To process the shipment to the US, customers only need to contact us by leaving a message or contact the hotline for us to consult directly. You can go to VietAir Cargo’s office to send the goods and we will quote. The price list divided by the weight of the goods is also available on the website to help you easily calculate the cost that you have to pay. Your goods will be delivered to the recipient’s location as quickly as possible.

Why choose VietAir Cargo’s shipping service to the US?

There are many reasons for you to deliver your goods to VietAir Cargo, encapsulated for the following reasons:

Support pick-up and door-to-door procedures.

Guide customs procedures, packing and give you the experience of shipping has been concluded.

Ensure goods condition.

There are branch offices in San Jose (U.S) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

There is a membership offer for annual customers and agents.

Has a fast and convenient order tracking system, helping customers check and track their order status 24/24.

Customer support via 24-hour hotline.

In addition to shipping services to the US, VietAir Cargo also offers other services such as buying goods on Amazon, buying goods on Ebay, shipping from the US to Vietnam.

With the motto “Quick – Savings – Safety”, we always try to bring customers the best quality of service. We will receive feedback from our customers to improve the quality of service. Come to VietAir Cargo to experience the most prestigious services.

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