gui-hang-ve-vn Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.

VietAir Cargo's logistic cargo services support all transportation needs from the United States to Vietnam.

Even if you are not located near VietAir Cargo's office or agents, you can still ship to Vietnam simply and easily at a much lower cost than other services. With only 5 minutes to create an account and register for shipment, VietAir Cargo will provide you a quote for all package costs and support necessary procedures to ship to VietAir Cargo US and send to Vietnam.

Send Packages From The U.S. To Viet Nam

  • Delivery fee from $3-$3.2 /lb
  • Delivery within 5-10 days
  • Free insurance covers up to $1000
  • Include shipping label & home pick-up
  • Provide services across the united states
  • Full service covered, including import duties & customs clearance
  • Home delivery service to any cities  in Vietnam
  • Simple registration & easy to manage
  • Online payment with credit card / PayPal/ bank

Ship Self-Ordered Online Items To Viet Nam

  • Manage Items & Orders easily
  • Separate storage system for each customer
  • Track all orders, receive notifications when items arrive
  • Consolidation & combining shipments. request transport when needed
  • Free package inspection & packaging
  • Reasonable & competitive pricing
tu-order-hang-online Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.

VietAir Cargo's ``Self-Ordered`` Online Service supports all transportation needs from the United States to Vietnam.

Please register your account & verify the information to be granted a customer code. You can use this customer code to order goods online at any website and ship to VietAir Cargo. VietAir Cargo has a system to help customers manage each item by order, and actively collect goods for transport to Vietnam. VietAir Cargo provide free inspection & packaging services.

Other Services

vietair-cargo-supply Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.VietAir Cargo provides common items such as :

  • Ensure Milk,
  • Enfamil, Similac Milk,
  • Eagle Brand Medicated Oil
  • And many other popular items.

With VietAir Cargo Store, wherever you are located, you can anytime purchase high quality items directly from VietAir Cargo and have them shipped to VietNam.

  • You can choose to pay either in the U.S. on in VietNam
    Once received your full payment, VietAir Cargo U.S. will pack your purchased items and ship them to VietNam
  • All items in VietAir Cargo Store are genuine products purchased by VietAir Cargo in the United States. Absolutely no fake goods, poor quality goods.
  • Only when you order, VietAir Cargo U.S. will ship to VietNam for you.
  • All goods are not available in Vietnam, we have to ship it directly from U.S. to VietNam. So the delivery time is the same as the average shipping time (5-7 days to Saigon and 7-10 days in other provinces)

Purchase VietAir Cargo Store Items Here

  • Provide money transfer services for any amount with low-cost feevietair-cargo-goi-tien-1-300x300 Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.
  • Safe and secure transactions guaranteed
  • Simple and fast transfers
  • Receive cash within 24 hours at home
  • Low cost service fee

  • vietair-cargo-goi-hang-qua-my-1 Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.Full service, including import/export procedures
  • Support all required documents (FDA,…)
  • Deliver packages to your home in the U.S.
  • Affordable and convenient shipping

View more Information & Service Fee

  • vietaircargo-dai-ly-van-chuyen-300x163 Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.Potential Program for all Business Owners
  • Receive discounted pricing up to 10-20%
  • With a 100% insurance policy, VietAir Cargo’s Agent Program is extremely safe for business owners
  • Special packages management system easy to control.
  • Simple system to keep track of all orders & shipments
  • VietAir Cargo package procedures from receiving goods until delivery to the recipient in Vietnam

  • vietair-cargo-van-chuyen-noi-dia-300x250 Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.Provide Domestic Shipping Labels with lowest costs
  • Save up to 50% compared to regular rates
  • Support FedEx UPS USPS shipping labels
  • Print labels and shipping within 1 minute

  • vietaircargo-v247-300x199 Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.Low-cost direct call from the u.s. to vn
  • Instant recharge and available to call within 1 minute
  • Online payment with credit card & paypal
  • Monthly promotions give away bonus minutes



Average transit time is 5 days, providing fast and smooth delivery experience


Deposit only 50% to request buying online goods


Assure that packages will be intact, undamaged, and unbroken.


Our support team is dedicated to consult and give the best estimate 24/7.


Our delivery team will bring the goods to your door.


VietAir Cargo will handle all customs paperwork for goods when they arrive to Vietnam.


VietAir Cargo provides online management system so you can easily control and manage your invoices


We assure the lowest fees for our customers.


Report the location of your packages via email and text messages
Moving toward new goals of becoming the best supplier of goods and services for our customers when it comes to buying goods in the United States and sending goods to Vietnam, VietAir Cargo hopes to bring more choices for our customers when it comes to assessing the best products from around the world with reasonable costs. At the same time, we provide guidance and support for the Vietnamese community locating in the United States when using our safest, fastest, and most reliable service, with the lowest fees.

Weekly Schedule Ship to VietNam

shipsche Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.



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Có nơi giao dịch ổn định, là công ty nên có vẻ uy tín hơn các dịch vụ khác. Đã order 2 đôi giầy Nike Air Max
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I found this place on Yelp and decided to give them a try. I was not disappointed. The staffs are very friendly and professional! They're so helpful and i will definitely use again in the future for all of my shipping needs!
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service_silhuet Ship Goods from the U.S. to VietNam, fast and reliable service.