Because of the high season of the end of the year, international flights to Vietnam are currently overloaded, leading to the lack of transport aircraft. Especially the transfer of Korea Japan to Vietnam. At the same time, depot HQ Tan Son Nhat International Airport is currently overloaded so all cargoes have to wait to transport into. VietAir Cargo is pleased to announce that some of the shipments for the period January 10-14 are currently being delayed more than scheduled (see details of shipments that have arrived and are delayed below). VietAir Cargo always try to arrange your goods before Tet. When arriving in Viet Nam, VietAir Cargo will contact you quickly and deliver to you as quickly as possible. Because the time is very close to the Lunar New Year 2017, you should ensure that your order has paid enough or arrange payment soon (if the order is not paid) for convenient delivery as soon as the goods have returned to VN. Avoid late delivery because you wait to complete the payment, or contact is not received by the recipient. Particularly customers receive goods in provinces please note.

VietAir Cargo would like to sympathize with this problem. The current delay is a general problem and beyond the control of VietAir Cargo. VietAir Cargo is always trying to customers can receive the goods as soon as possible, please patience please. Customers will be notified by email & sms as soon as goods arrive in Vietnam.

VietAir Cargo U.S. Expected to be operational again on January 25, 2017, and will announce additional office and warehouse expansion and new services for customers.