VietAir Cargo is proud to introduce our transportation policy and terms of use.These policies are prepared according to our operating regulations, foreign sale websites, and international and Vietnamese importation laws. We sincerely thank each of our customers and the feedbacks they’ve provided.


1.1  VietAir Cargo will not accept and transport any prohibited items according to the given import/export laws in the US and VN

1.2 VietAir Cargo strictly follow rules and regulations given by the United States, Vietnam, and international laws

1.3 Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding these prohibited items for more consultation

Article 2: Customers’ rights and responsibilities

2.1  Customers that are sending packages and/or requesting to place any orders are considered individual or agent that has demands for buying and transporting through VietAir Cargo

2.2 Customers are responsible for checking their requested items’ qualities according to the US and Vietnam laws before requesting VietAir Cargo to place your orders

2.3 Customers are responsible for accurately reporting all prices true to their tags and providing valid information. In cases of dispute, VietAir Cargo will rely on your provided information to resolve any problem. Customers are required to be flexible with VietAir Cargo opening and inspecting your packages once they’ve arrived at our office and before sending them to VN according to IAC laws

2.4 Customers are responsible to read our policies and procedures carefully as well as credibilities of websites that you’re buying from when using our services of “buying US goods” and “self-ordering goods on US websites”

2.5 Customers are only allowed to request VietAir Cargo to place legal and non-commercialized products and not trade goods on their behalf

2.6 Customers are required to provide VietAir Cargo with accurate and verified personal information, including addresses, names, phone numbers, identification, ect. VietAir Cargo is not responsible for delivering to the wrong address or wrong receiver based on your provided information

2.7 Customers have to commit of paying according to the given agreement before and after receiving packages. Please read over our policies and terms of use.

2.8 Customers have to agree to pay any service fee if you chose to use any of our provided services, transport fee, customs tax, ect

2.9 Customers have to carefully package their own items when sending them to our office in the US and sign any required forms

2.10 VietAir Cargo will notify, support, and guide our customers before, during, and after delivering cargo; however, we are not responsible for any situation that we fail to deliver if we are unable to contact the receiver after using your provided information

2.11 VietAir Cargo will issue receipts and declarations for all services. If you still haven’t received them, please contact us immediately so we can further inspect this situation or provide further support

Article 3: Responsibility of VietAir Cargo

3.1 VietAir Cargo ( places orders on the behalf of our customers and based on their requests

3.2 We provide consultation for our services and update items’ statuses until all processes are complete for each invoice

3.3 We guarantee placing accurate orders and transporting goods without damage within our committed time frame

3.4 We inspect goods according to the import/export laws before accepting to transport them (except for product’s quality) and inspect the provided product’s link before placing any order on your behalf

3.5 We will not change any price once we’ve sent you a quote or written receipt  

3.6 We guarantee customer satisfaction when using our services and other supports, such as completing procedures, customs, and deliver straight to your home

3.7 We will clearly explain any applicable fee, such as shipping, freight, and surcharge costs, before accepting any orders

3.8 We will notify orders’ statuses and resolve any confusion anytime

3.9 We commit to safe delivery procedures and prestige. Absolutely no job change during transportation.

3.10 We will try our best to resolve any complains, welcome feedbacks, and follow our policy accordingly during unfortunate circumstances

3.11 We provide support by contacting sellers on your behalf if you’ve received damaged or wrongly-ordered products that are not the same as their given description (see Article 10)

Article 4: Exclusions of liability

4.1 VietAir Cargo will not accept shipment for illegal products if they’re are on Vietnam and the U.S. customs lists. During unfortunately situations, VietAir Cargo is not responsible for illegally transporting and violating the given laws

4.2 VietAir Cargo acts as an intermediate transporting company and do not directly sell anything to our customers so we are not responsible for selling or inspecting quality products when placing given orders on your behalf

4.3 VietAir Cargo is not responsible for cargo damages and/or transporting time during environmental disasters, such as war, earthquake, disease, ect.

4.4 VietAir Cargo is not responsible for lost or damaged products that are caused or confiscated by customs in the US or VN. Also, we’re not responsible for any wrong product that are delivered to our company and we ordered on your behalf according your given requests, and in cases that we cannot contact you. VietAir Cargo is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by UPS FedEx USPS shipping companies during transportation to VietAir Cargo. For high value shipments, you can purchase insurance directly from FedEx USPS UPS when dropping off.

4.5 We are not responsible for any claim that customers do not have or cannot be proven by invoice, receipts, or other information

4.6 We cannot guarantee safety for products that have liquid, foods that have expiration dates, fragile/glass items, heirloom objects, or non-declarable jewelry and items

4.7 VietAir Cargo is not responsible for inspecting item’s quality, amount, color if customers placed these items by yourself and send it to our office in the US

4.8 VietAir Cargo is not responsible for inspecting nor ensuring item’s quality for products that customers bought through one of our services: Buy US Goods. VietAir Cargo only responsible for counting amount of items that we received at our office

4.9 VietAir Cargo does not guarantee emergency orders to be delivered on time. All goods may be delayed for a variety of reasons that are beyond our control such as aircraft carrier delays, flight delays, customs delays due to multiple lines, …

4.10 VietAir Cargo cannot resolve complaints about defective goods after the receiver has signed and confirmed the receipt. In cases that packages have damaged and/or missing items, please contact us immediately and clearly report information in the receipt

4.11 VietAir Cargo reserves the right to refuse any client’s transaction if it feels inconsistent with or violates the law.

4.12 VietAir Cargo does not guarantee fusible items due to the weather during transportation (e.g., goods with fusible, sticky such as chocolates, gummies, multivitamins …).

Article 5: About customer’s personal information

• We requested for your personal information with a sole purpose of strengthening our customer satisfaction. We promise that your personal information is secured and will not be shared with any third party.

Article 6: Shipping surcharge

Shipping surcharge is a fee that is applicable according to our price lists on our website. We will not make any changes to the surcharge fee once your invoice has been processed

Article 7: Insurance & Refund Policy

7.1 Free insurance is applicable for all packages that are using VietAir Cargo’s “sending packages from US to VN” service covers 50% declared value for the shipping order, and can be up to $1000 ( from the moment your shipment already arrived to our warehouse). Insurance up to $200 for the total cost of the package is applicable for the service of buying American goods. For those not declared, free insurance will cover $3/lb according to shipment weight.

For the service of buying American goods, the limit of this insurance is a maximum of $ 5,000 of the order’s total cost (see Article 6.3).

7.2 VietAir Cargo offers free insurance for our customers; however, items that are not accurately reported or illegal items may be confiscated by VN or US customs without prior notice and are not eligible for any refund. We are only responsible for refunding items’ costs that are accurately reported by customers upon requesting for transportation. Moreover, our offered insurance is not applicable for items that are fragile, liquefied, or has an expiration date such as fruits. NOTE: We are not responsible for refunding expensive items that customers have not accurately reported to us nor items that have not been paid the required surcharge fee leading to confiscation and detention by government agencies.

7.3 Besides our free insurance, customers have opportunities to buy additional insurance either at a rate equivalent to 3% of the total order (up to $ 3,000), or 5% of the total order value (up to $ 5,000)

7.4 In cases of when your orders have arrived to our office in the US either damaged or missing some items after using our “self-bought US items” service, VietAIr Cargo will provide our support by representing you to claim and/ or file a refund and contacting the seller. If your items are damaged when using either our “sending packages from US to VN” service and/or “Buying US goods” service, VietAir Cargo will refund you for your loss according to the policy listed above (when items arrived at our office in the US and during our inspection process)

7.5 If you can prove that we’ve violated any of our policy during the shipping process that lead to confusion of the purchase or item’s condition, VietAir Cargo will fully refund the buying fee, items’ cost, or your requested orders. In cases of damaged or missing items, please report to us immediately for proper handling and compensation.

7.6 Incidents such as loss of goods or damage during transportation are unacceptable risks. VietAir Cargo always strives to cover such risks for its customers by always packing, inspecting every delivery or delivery. However, there are risks that can occur outside of the control of VietAir Cargo (risks occurring during transportation, aircraft carriers, or customs warehouses …). That is why VietAir Cargo advise all the customers to specifies the details of all goods to be shipped.

Article 8: Responsibility for payment

• 8.1 Customers have responsibility for paying the deposit of 50% of the total cost when you’re sending requests for us to place orders on your behalf and paying the remaining deposit as soon as possible once packages arrived in VN

• 8.2 Customers that are sending packages from US to VN have to pay 100% of the service fee before the procedure has been confirmed as complete

Article 9: Procedures for sending cargo

9.1 Customers have the responsibility to provide all and accurate sender and receiver information, including first and last name, phone number, addresses, so that our delivery team is able to reach you once cargo is ready to be delivered

NOTE: The receiver has to provide any required proper identification upon receiving delivered packages (CMND or passport) in order to receive packages

9.2 VietAir Cargo will not deliver to individual apartment, dormitory, or corporate office. If you’re planning to have your packages deliver to these restricted areas, please contact us directly so we further assist you

9.3 Packages can only be delivered once since the delivery person will contact the receiver to schedule a time before delivering packages to them. If the receiver cancels the scheduled appointment, packages will be transported back to our office in VN and the receiver has to go to our office to pick up packages. Requests for re-shipping will be subjected to an additional delivery charge.

9.4 Packages will be send using an intermediary domestic carrier if customers live outside of the urban area of Ho Chi Minh City or  other provinces. Any incident or problem arising in the delivery of this contract must be communicated directly to VietAir Cargo.

Note: VietAir Cargo can only keep your packages at our office in VN within 7 days. After 7 days counting from the day packages arrived at our office in VN, storage fee will be charged if we cannot contact the receiver or if the receiver refused to accept the package. Storage fee will be charged as 50,000VND per package under 5kg and 100,000VND per package above 5kg. After 30 days of unable to reach the receiver or the receiver refused to accept, packages will be destroy.

Article 10: Return policy for the service of “buying goods online”

VietAir Cargo aims to obtain high customer satisfaction when using our services; however, unfortunate events might arise and VietAir Cargo promise to provide support our customers in any way that we can.

10.1 If customers receive items that are not accurate according to the provided description, VietAir Cargo will contact the seller on your behalf and resolve these concerns. According to our policy, we have to wait once the seller ship the corrected items before shipping them to you or we can refund your payment in order to cancel the order. In these situations, we will help you to contact the seller and try to resolve the problem with your interests in mind. If you need to resend the packages back to the US to return to the seller, VietAir Cargo will help our customer with the transportation fee for a free, partial, or full shipping fee.

10.2 If you’ve received packages with less quantity than the amount ordered in your invoice, VietAir Cargo will help our customers to contact the seller so they can ship the remaining missing items or to refund you for the cost of the missing items. Depending on your individual situation, VietAir Cargo ensures that customers are able to receive cost for your original ordered items and our service fee for any missing items or receive the package with missing items and not to have to pay any additional fee

10.3 If customers received packages with damaged or broken items that cannot be used, VietAir Cargo will provide assistance for a certain following situations:

  • For items that are damaged compared to their original packaging from our office to VN under our supervision, we will fully refund the item’s cost and service cost
  • For damaged items that are caused by the seller and their transportation process, VietAir Cargo will help our customers contacting the seller and resolve any problem. VietAir Cargo will always try our best to support our customers with your best interest in mind. However, depended on certain situation or the original seller/ company’s shipping and returning policies, resolutions may differ for different situations, such as receiving a new item as a replacement, refunding money with service fee after the item(s) have successfully been returned, or receiving a replacement without having to pay extra. We advise you to choose wisely when making purchases online on reliable websites.