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⇢Register for an account with VietAir Cargo”, view more Guide to account registration

⇢Log-in your account with VietAir Cargo, go to “Tab Account” and browse to Address Book section to update Sender and Receiver Address:

Note: You can enter and save several addresses at a time, which can be used as sending and receiving address. You can also set your preferred (default) shipping address here also.

box-sodiachi-1024x682 Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN

⇢After entering the information, select the “Ship packages to VN” tab and provide the following information:

  • Item 1 & 2: Select the sender’s address and the recipient’s address for the shipping order

thong-tin-gui-nhan-mac-dinh-1024x682 Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN

  • Item 3: Select a “Domestic Shipping Service” to provide information about the package to be transported

    • List your package information, providing the number of boxes, weight and three dimensions of each box (can choose the unit in lb / inch or kg / cm) and the expected date that you’ll send the package(s) to VietAir Cargo US storage

    • After providing the above information, click the “Costs Calculation” button, the right screen will appear many the US domestic shipping services with the corresponding price and time such as USPS / UPS / FedEx. If you choose one of the above services, VietAir Cargo will provide a domestic shipping label at a much lower cost if you actively send yourself to the company’s warehouse in San Jose, CA.

    • van-chuyen Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN
    • The system will tell you to estimate the cost and transit time based on the basic information provided.

  • Item 4: Select “Payment Method” for the shipping order

    You can choose to pay at US (Support credit card, PayPal, Online Bank Transfer) or pay in VN (bank transfer, or cash payment in the city of Saigon)

  • hinh-thuc-thanh-toan-1024x682 Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN

  • Item 5: Provide “Package Contents”

    • Declare the goods, quantity and total value respectively. This information will be provided to the VietNam Customs for import documentation.

    • VietAir Cargo will check and compare the list of goods you have provided with the actual goods when your package arrived at VietAir Cargo U.S.

    • The Commodity Value is the total value of a type of commodity listed. If you bought it cheaper than the actual value / retail price, please attach a purchase invoice into the package.

  • noi-dung-kien-hang-1024x682 Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN

⇢Submit information. After completing the above information, you can submit information to create shipping order. Here you have two options:

  • Express Submit & Get Label Instantly: (If you already familiar to the procedure & shipping costs). Customers can send packages to VietAir Cargo without the review process, customers can print shipping labels immediately after submit the information. VietAir Cargo will check and update the surcharges (if applicable) after checking your goods.

  • Submit & Request Review: After receiving your submitted information, VietAir Cargo will review the order and notify the total package cost (including the surcharges if any).

submitguihangvevn Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN


⇢Print out the shipping label & ship the packages to VietAir Cargo U.S. warehouse in San Jose, CA

  • If you have selected “Express Submit & Get Label Instantly”, the system will transfer you to the domestic shipping screen so that you can immediately print the shipping label & request pickup at home if needed.

  • In addition, you can always track the package location during the domestic transportation process to VietAir Cargo US by just click on the “View Current Location” button.

  • If you choose your own shipping, the system will provide you with an additional label. Please print this label in the box so VietAir Cargo can determine your order when it arrives.

  • pick-up-2.jpg Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN
  • If you have selected “Submit & Request Review”, VietAir Cargo will rely on the information available to provide a rough quote, telling you all the cost of the package.

  • You will receive a reviewed order notification and all package charges by email.

  • If you requested to use VietAir Cargo’s domestic shipping service, the label will be included in the email for printing on the box. The domestic shipping costs are included in the invoice.

  • email-yeu-cau-gui-hang-1024x682 Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN
    label-1024x682 Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN

Note: Please carefully pack the goods, protect fragile items to avoid any damage during transportation. Do not use duct tape to seal the package.

⇢You can log into your account and select the “Orders” tab to view the label as well as information on the invoice.

⇢You can print out the shipping label and attach it on the packages that ship to VietAir Cargo in San Jose, CA.

View the office & drop-off location of the respective service you selected:

⇢After your packages arrives, VietAir Cargo will check the goods, accurately weigh and update the shipping invoice so that you can make payment. (See detailed payment instructions at a later step.)


⇢When the packages arrive at VietAir Cargo U.S., our staff will check the goods inside and compare with the list you have provided..

⇢We will also take photos of the goods and upload to the invoice so you can view the goods and conditions directly at that moment.

⇢Any missing, damaged goods in the domestic transportation from customers to VietAir Cargo will be recorded and notified to customers.

note_upload_photo_1 Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN
sosanhhanghoa Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN

⇢After careful inspection of the goods, VietAir Cargo will seal the package and notify that the invoice is available to make payment. All shipping costs will be specified in the shipping invoice (Shipping Receipt).

⇢Please make payment for your shipping invoice before the packages arrive in Vietnam. Your shipments will be delivered upon confirmation of payment completion for the invoice.

⇢VietAir Cargo supports various different payment methods, you can pay in Vietnam or online in the U.S.

⇢To view payment information, you can click the “Payment” button on the shipping invoice.

thanh-toan-don-hang-1024x682 Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN
  • VietAir Cargo supports online payments in the United States (Visa, Master, Amex, Discover via Stripe &, PayPal, and Bank Transfer (SurePay, ClearXChange, Zelle, PopMoney …) with more than 30 different banks in the U.S

  • In Vietnam, VietAir Cargo supports online payment through Bao Kim, Ngan Luong, or through 15 domestic banks in Vietnam.

  • If you prefered to receive goods at our office in Saigon, you can pay directly in cash immediately upon pick-up the packages. Or you can pay directly when receiving goods at home.

BANK-US Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN


⇢VietAir Cargo will immediately notify you when the shipment are sent to Vietnam. The average delivery time is 5-7 days for the inner city of Saigon, and 7-10 days for other provinces.

⇢To help you easier to keep track of your orders, VietAir Cargo also uses a tracking system to send e-mail and automated text messages whenever your order status changed.

email Instructions for sending packages from the U.S. to VN

⇢When arriving in Vietnam, VietAir Cargo VN staff will contact the recipient to arrange the delivery.

Hướng dẫn gửi hàng từ Mỹ về Việt Nam
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Hướng dẫn gửi hàng từ Mỹ về Việt Nam
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Step 1: Register your account at VietAir Cargo

Step 2: Provide shipping information for VietAir Cargo

Step 3: Pay for the invoice once the shipment arrives at VietAir Cargo U.S.

Step 4: Receive goods at home in VietNam.

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