VietAir Cargo guarantees to provide secured personal information for our customers

VietAir Cargo commits to protect the privacy of your personal information. Please read the content below to understand the commitment of VietAir Cargo to respect and protect the interests of users:

  1. Providing personal information:

VietAir Cargo asks for your personal information at our website, such as name, email, and address, in order to create an accurate profile for each of our customers. Additionally, we also can obtain other log-ins information when using services at our website like amount of times you’ve signed in, address and location of sign-in information, selected language at time of usage, ect…

  1. Purpose of your personal information:

VietAir Cargo collects the above information for the purpose of compliance and fully comply with the content of this privacy policy. The collected information above are used for:

  • Provides services for customers
  • Supports customers when using our services
  • Updates customers with any new information and services
  • Collects surveys to improve our services
  • Advertises new or updated services
  • Contacts customers to communicate about any issues or processes of your requested service

VietAir Cargo promises not to share your provided personal information with any third party nor disclose any information

  1. Management of personal information:

Customers have rights to self-inspect or change the provided personal information by signing into your own account and update them whenever needed. You also have the rights to request us to change or update any information on your behalf.

  1. Important Notice and/or Regulation:

VietAir Cargo is not responsible to investigate whether your provided information is correct. Please make sure to provide us with accurate information so that we can verify your account quicker.

VietAir Cargo is required to provide your information in the following situations:

  • when requested by legal authorities
  • when required to protect the legitimate interests of VietAir Cargo before the law
  • during emergency situations to ensure our employees safety and interests
  • We do not save payment methods for any transaction that customers made in their account  at our website:, such as your card number, type of bank, ect…We only save information relating to each specific invoice, such as items, quantities, costs, ect…

Customers are responsible for keeping your password safe and saving any information that were used when you’re signing up for account with us.

  1. VietAir Cargo and our support systems:

VietAir Cargo is using Cookies for your browser to maximize the efficiency of our support. These specific Cookies are not used to import any virus into your device(s), and they can only be read by its original server. The main purpose of these Cookies is to provide our customers with useful utilities and easy management system to save time for our customers when searching and using our website: without having to sign in multiple of times.

Customers can accept or block any Cookies. Most websites automatically accept Cookies; however, you can download servers that required approval before accepting any Cookies. If you’ve denied using our provided Cookies, it may interfere with some of  the services and features that depend on cookies at website https: //

VietAir Cargo is also using SSL (HTTPS) Protocol to protect our customers’ information. SSL (or Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard of security technology that encrypted communication between its original web server and the active browser. This ensures the transferred data between the server and the user’s browser is private and secured. SSL is also the security standard for millions of websites around the world, protecting transmitted data over secure internet environment.

VietAir Cargo supports Extended Validation (EV) SSL Protocol. This SSL certificate not only authenticates the domain but also our business at our website When using this website, the protocol recognizes the browser address bar and a light will appear to ensure credibility for your website.

  1. VietAir Cargo limits spam:

VietAir Cargo is concerned about spamming and fraudulent phishing emails; therefore, we only send emails when you’re using any of our services at our website:

If you wish to stop receiving emails from our website, please select “stop receiving email” option in the email. If you’re suspicious of any emails you’ve received, please contact us immediately to authenticate the specific email. NOTE: VietAir Cargo will never send email to our customers that required you to provide personal and/or banking information (banking account, card numbers, ect…)

  1. Policies and any changes

VietAir Cargo reserves the right to change and/or update our policies without having to notify our customers each time that we do.

The content of these policies are available at
Please contact us with any feedback and/or comments regarding these policies:

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*Việt Nam Location

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