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With more than 7 years of experience, VietAir Cargo is now the leading transportation business from US to Vietnam. We are trying our best to provide the best services, improve service qualities, and expand our network nationwide with a mission of bringing international goods closer to Vietnamese people. Our current volume of goods transported from the US to Vietnam reaches more than 2000 units per month, serving more than 800 customers each month. We are still working to improve productivity in order to provide better services, support, and management for our customers.
VietAir Cargo is at the top of the list when it comes to transporting goods in the safest and most secured way. VietAir Cargo was created with a purpose of serving the Vietnamese community by providing useful services so that customers can easily request to place orders on their behalf and/or transport goods based on their preferences. Additionally, we also invested to create secured money transfer service that our customers can utilize. VietAir Cargo aims to achieve customers satisfaction by providing useful utilities and secured management systems. With innovative investments in technology and security as well as  trustworthy staff in both Vietnam and the US, we provide various support when it comes to standardized procedures, transportation, invoice processing, tax, … through services like: shipping American goods, sending cargo from US to VN, buy goods on Ebay and Amazon, and money transfer.


We provide cargo transportation from the US to VN and vice versa. Vietair Cargo always aims to expand our services and earn customers satisfaction when using our services. Our top two services that are popular among the VIetnamese community are requesting Vietair Cargo to place orders on their behalf and shipping goods from the US to VN.

You’re still unsure about our services and have the following questions:

  • Where to ship products from Amazon?
  • How do I send packages from US to VN?
  • What are the processes when buying products on Ebay?
  • How to buy goods on Ebay with bargained prices?
  • How to ship cargo with low fees?
  • How does buying goods on Amazon work?

 VietAir Cargo is here to help you and provide support for:

  • Ensures transportation time of 7 days
  • Provides lowest fees for all services
  • Provides low required deposit of just 50% of the total cost
  • Guarantees to deliver proper cargo not damaged nor broken
  • Has customers membership and discounts for frequent customers and agents
  • Offers free taxes and VN customs fees
  • Has warehouses in the US to store ordered packages
  • Has management systems for customers to self-manage their items
  • Delivers packages on time right to your home

Contact us immediately or visit us at our office to receive free support and consultant about any of our services.

Office in the US: 1208 Story Rd San Jose, CA 95122 | Hotline: (408) 898-9999

Office in Việt Nam: 61/4 Nguyễn Cửu Vân, Phường 17, Quận Bình Thạnh | Hotline: 1900 5454 76

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