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⇢Register for an account at VietAir Cargo”, view more at Guide to account registration

⇢Login to your account at VietAir Cargo and select the “Self-Ordered online items” tab, provide the following information to authenticate the account & granted a Customer ID:

tkchuaxacthuc Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

Lưu ý: Both two information are required

1 : 2-Sided Photo ID of VN CMND (ID)/ Passport / U.S State ID / Driver License:

cmnd Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

2 : 2-Sided Photo Copy of the credit cards that you will use to place online orders. Note : only cover the first 12 digits of the card, don’t cover the last 4 digits, the name on the credit card must be the same as on the ID

You must provide the image for all the credits you use to place orders. If you use a new card, you can always provide them on the same menu.

visa-debit1 Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

⇢ After VietAir Cargo received your verification information, we will send you a Customer ID via email in 24-hrs. You can see your Customer ID whenever you sign-in to your account.

Screen-Shot-2017-01-25-at-5.53.22-PM Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

⇢ While ordering, it is important to distinguish between “Billing Address” and “Shipping Address” to enter the correct information:

    • Payment address (Billing Address) must be your address and the address of your bank credit card information:
      billingaddress Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

      Note:Use of address VietAir Cargo for billing address will be rejected.

    • Shipping Address is VietAir Cargo’s warehouse address: enter the information provided, attach the customer code to the recipient name (VietAir Cargo) as the sample below.

shippingaddress_2 Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

-For US websites not allowed to enter VietNam payment address, or not supported Viet Nam payment card, VietAir Cargo does not support receiving in these cases.

-If the website you order doesn’t allow to enter the customer id number into the name of the receiver, you can write the customer id number into address line 2 (address 2).

⇢ After placed the order, please inform and provide information for order: Log in to VietAir Cargo account and select the tab “Self-Ordered Online Items” and provide the information in the form to notify the order:

new-order Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

-If you have just ordered the goods, do not have tracking number from the company, you can leave this tracking number blank and update later, after having shipment information from the company.

-On the right side of this screen, you can upload images, provide order information so VietAir Cargo can check the legality with the company.

Required information to verify order::

      • Provides a screenshot of the billing information of the order (showing payment card information). Can be taken when check-out order, or login to the account to see the order information after ordering.
      • Order Confirmation Email received from the company after order.

Sample order information:

sample-order Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN
sampleorder2 Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN
sample-order3 Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

There are two ways to provide order information:

      • Upload images directly to the product information in the “Self-Ordered Online Items”. You can upload as soon as you add new products or edit old order information.
new-order-info Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN
      • Use the registered email address, send an email with syntax so[product code] to [email protected] to provide the order information for that order.

        For example: To provide order information for products with ID 5293, you can send an email to [email protected] that contains so5293 in the Subject (email) header, the system will automatically filter emails and send to the correct product so VietAir Cargo can confirm order information faster.

view-so Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN
so-info Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

-If you send an email to [email protected] without using the correct registered email of the account, or if the email subject does not contain the syntax so[product code], the email will not reach the products

VietAir Cargo does not accept any gift-card payment orders. If the customer pays via PayPal, please provide the PayPal account’s billing information.

Please provide enough information and follow the procedure above. Any goods ordered to the VietAir Cargo waerhouse without prior notice will be rejected & returned to the company.

Please follow the information ordered with the company to update the information provided. In case of back-order, or the order was splitted into many different shipments, please provide separate tracking numbers or split the products, or write a note so that VietAir Cargo can keep track and report back the number of goods received for you.


⇢ After you ordered products arrived at the warehouse, VietAir Cargo will update the status at the same tab you used to register

⇢ Customers can actively monitor and manage the arrived items at VietAir Cargo’s warehouse. On the left is the information you have provided. On the right is the confirmed arrived products at VietAir Cargo

⇢ For goods that have changed to the “Arrived” status, you can actively select them and click “Request to create invoice” to have them shipped to VietNam. If the goods have “Waiting for more information” status, you will need to provide order information for the goods (provide the order picture as in step 2)

yeu-cau-tao-don Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN
ship-request Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN
new-order-info-1 Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

⇢ After the “Request to create invoice”, select the address (the address of the receiver in Vietnam) registered in the Address Book and click “Create an order”

chon-dia-chi Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

⇢ Immediately, this request will be sent to VietAir Cargo’s system, item status from “Arrived” will be updated to “Processing”..

VietAir Cargo does not actively create orders for you to transport goods to Vietnam, which you have to create your own request. However, VietAir Cargo will actively create orders to ship them to Vietnam in the following cases:
-Goods come in many quantities, oversized, occupy too much space ~ 1 pallet in the warehouse,
-Holiday coming (Eg NewYear, Chrismas), we have to ship them as soon as possible to avoid delays from the airline.
-Goods arrived at the warehouse more than 10 days or weighs more than 40 lbs
If you prefer to keep them at our warehouse, please contact VietAir Cargo to arrange.


⇢ After receiving your request to create your shipping invoice, VietAir Cargo will create new invoice, pack the goods requested and ship them to Vietnam.

⇢ VietAir Cargo will immediately notify you when the shipment are sent to Vietnam. The average delivery time is 5-7 days for the inner city of Saigon, and 7-10 days for other provinces.

⇢ To help you easier to keep track of your orders, VietAir Cargo also uses a tracking system to send e-mail and automated text messages whenever your order status changed.

email Instructions to ship self-ordered packages to VN

⇢When arriving in Vietnam, VietAir Cargo VN staff will contact the recipient to arrange the delivery.

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  • The steps listed above is to protected both VietAir Cargo and our customers to avoid any complication when it comes to security in the U.S and VN with security agencies.
  • With the cybercrime rising and becoming more sophisticated, some cybercriminals use stolen credit cards to buy items from VietAir Cargo and request VietAir Cargo to ship to Vietnam. VietAir Cargo absolutely does not support these cases. VietAir Cargo adheres to all security and protection policies under the laws of the United States and Vietnam, so all cargoes are checked to ensure legality before ship out
  • The information you provided will be verified by VietAir Cargo U.S. with the web stores where you placed orders to ensure that your order is legal before shipping.
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