This year Black Friday takes place on November 25, 2016. There is not even one month left. Have you prepared to buy US goods with VietAir Cargo yet?

image001-1 Black Friday 2016

Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving is held on the fourth Thursday of November. Black Friday usually signals the beginning of the shopping season. Note after Black Friday will be Cyber ​​Monday is the next Monday after dark Friday. You spoil the shopping offline.

Black Friday Black Friday in other years

Black Friday 2017 will take place on 24/11/2017

Black Friday 2018 will take place on 23/11/2018

Black Friday 2019 will take place on 29/11/2019

Black Friday 2020 will take place on 27/11/2020

Black Friday 2021 will take place on 26/11/2021

Black Friday 2022 will take place on 25/11/2022

Black Friday 2023 will take place on 24/11/2023

US Website Purchase Black Friday 2016 Black Friday’s main shopping site for millions of Americans and around the world. Can not be ignored with the promotion, terrible crisis for everyone to spoil shopping offline. America’s largest retailer will not miss this opportunity The famous American supermarket chains are sure to get huge promotions. America’s largest electric appliance market with a series of extremely attractive lighting deals for electronics: phones, cameras, televisions, air conditioners, computers, …

There are also a number of other websites that also offer great deals on Black Friday 2016, Sears, Macys, Samsung, …

Please contact VietAir Cargo quickly to buy the item for your loved ones and family in Black Friday 2016 this time offline.