Dear all customers,

Due to the increasing demand for services, VietAir Cargo just changed our processing center for the service “Ship Self-Ordered Online Items To Viet Nam” from July 26 2018. Your new shipping address is as follow:

Old address:
VietAir Cargo [Customer Code]
1208 Story Rd
San Jose, CA 95122

New address:
VietAir Cargo [Customer Code]
2268 Senter Rd # 166
San Jose, CA 95112

The change is valid from July 26 2018. All the goods you have ordered before the date of this notice will still be processed. However, if you order goods to the old address after the notice date; there will be a delay processing them (can delay up to 1-2 weeks).
Please note and use the new shipping address for your incoming order.

VietAir Cargo sincerely apologizes for this inconvenience.