Do you want to transfer goods, utensils to Vietnam for customers or partners? Do you wish to send gifts to relatives and friends in Vietnam. VietAir Cargo we will guide you shipment process to USA in detail for you. You can look through the procedure of shipping from the US to Vietnam. And the price list shipped from the US to Vietnam.

vietair-cargo-ship-hang-tu-my-ve-viet-nam-gia-re-nhat Guide the process of shiping US goods to Vietnam

Select how to ship US goods to Vietnam.

You can ask your relatives or friends in the US to help you and bring you back to you.

If you buy goods on some website in the US, they will have transportation services to Vietnam for you. However, this method costs are usually higher and the longer you receive the goods.

Uses US shipment services to Vietnam through an intermediate shipping company. This is a great way for many users today because of the convenience, speed and safety. At the same time, this method also has lower costs, your goods are guaranteed and there is also free insurance for orders.

US shipment process to Vietnam at VietAir Cargo

Customers send VietAir Cargo information about goods will be sent to email [email protected], including

  • Name, address, phone number of the sender
  • Name, address, telephone number of the recipient
  • Detailed information on the goods, including, the total number of tanks, the volume of each barrel, the declaration of goods including sensitive goods, goods of high value

Customers bring goods to VietAir Cargo Warehouse in San Jose, CA. Or use the FedEx label service. This service will save you 50-60% of the cost compared to your self sent.

VietAir Cargo, aggregate all the information about the order and have preliminary quotes for customers.

After the quotation, customers send goods to our warehouse in two forms.

After receiving your goods, we will check the goods, weights, quantities and report back exactly the goods to you.

Customers pay the cost and we will carry US shipments to Vietnam for you.

Goods will be returned to Vietnam and we will contact you to pick up.

The benefits when you use US ship service to Vietnam

The demand for US shipment services to Vietnam is increasing rapidly due to the benefits that this service brings to customers.

  • First of all, this service is very convenient for you. You can transport bulk goods from any US city to the territory of Vietnam.
  • Goods are shipped back to Vietnam very quickly, within 5-10 days only.
  • Cheap rates.
  • Goods are safe, secure
  • Delivery to your home.
  • You do not need to take time to complete the customs procedures.
  • If you regularly send goods, you will be the preferential policy for close customer members with extremely low rates.

Thanks to such benefits, customers use US ship services to Vietnam a lot. This is an opportunity for all Vietnamese customers to have good quality items from the US.

If you are or are about to have a need to transport your goods from the US to Vietnam, contact us today. We are always with you.

US Office: 760 Charcot Ave San Jose, CA 95131 | Hotline: (669) 292-9061

Vietnam Office: 50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC Hotline: 0839 900 422

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