America is the world’s shopping paradise, where the items are sold rich, diverse, good quality, reasonable price. For Vietnamese people who do not have direct access to the US, the purchase of fine products on the US website such as Amazon, Ebay, … is really great solution. But whether buying cheap US online, the differences in language and difficulties in payment methods, transportation also makes the Vietnamese people preferred the US feel furious. So how to buy US ship to Vietnam which is the best? Vietaircargo will solve this problem for you.

nhan-ship-hang-tu-my-ve-viet-nam How To Buy US Ship To Vietnam I Buy Best Cheapest Shipping

How to buy US ship to Vietnam

Ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay have enormous cargo volumes, competitive prices, flexible purchase methods are always the first choice of Vietnamese customers. In addition, Vietnamese people also like to buy US goods at the official website of the brand because of the quality of goods guaranteed. However, to buy fine goods and bring your favorite item from America to Vietnam, halfway around the world has never been easy.

If there are relatives, friends in the US or countries where the e-commerce site, the brand has a policy to distribute to the story is a little simpler. Just pick the item you like and ask the acquaintance to buy American goods help or get help then portable or sent to Vietnam. If there is no one to ask, you will face the following barriers:

English capital is good enough to read about product information, shop information, price comparisons and store, store or ecommerce policies before, during and after US purchases.

  • There are international Master or Visa payment cards.
  • Register your account at ecommerce sites or contact the shops themselves.
  • There must be addresses in the US because most of the goods, stores, brands are not supporting transportation to Vietnam.
  • Customs procedures must be complicated if the goods are of great value or sent by the counterparts.
  • May be denied transaction because accounts in Vietnam are often cautious because of fraud or low reputation.

So what is the solution for Vietnamese people like the US? Find Vietaircargo – the leading e-commerce intermediary service on the market. Why need Vietaircargo? We help you as a bridge to e-commerce sites, sales sites, US sales channels in a simple, quick and convenient way. You purchase from the US, we advise prestige sales pages, product information, price comparison, customs procedures needed. You want to buy goods from the US, we receive goods in the United States and send them to you in Vietnam in about 2 days. You want to buy goods in the US, we help you pay for intermediate fees can not be cheaper. Still hesitate anymore, contact immediately with Vietaircargo to make good purchasing in the country flag.

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