Buy on Ebay US is no stranger to Vietnamese consumers. With the advantage of cheap price, rich commodity, good quality, this is really a very attractive sales channel. Vietaircargo will guide you on eBay purchases and eBay eBook purchases (mua hang tren Ebay) for those who are interested in owning US merchants from this site.

dich-vu-mua-hang-tren-ebay-chat-luong-voi-vietair-cargo-2 How to buy on eBay (Mua hang Ebay)

Ebay is considered a great online shopping site, you can own good items at bargain prices and buy many items at the same site 24/24, do not worry now closed. It is because of the advantages that many Vietnamese customers want to approach this form of shopping.

Steps to Purchase on eBay:

  • Create an account on eBay. Ebay will ask for bank account information and proof of identity.
  • Search for goods and pick up the item you need.
  • Pay. EBay has the form of payment is Paypal, check, bank transfer, postal order, cash on collection, credit card, the most popular is Paypal.

mua-hang-qua-ebay-ship-ve-viet-nam How to buy on eBay (Mua hang Ebay)

Guide how to buy on ebay, buy goods on ebay

How to make purchases on ebay overcoming barriers to you:

  • Need international Master or Visa payment cards.
  • Need English capital to read product information, purchase process and payment process.
  • The process of payment and receipt is extremely difficult if you do not have a receipt address in the US and not knowledgeable about the payment method of eBay.
  • There may be more money to pay for an item because it does not understand the system and how it is paid.
  • Meet fraudsters, sellers are bad credit, buy counterfeits, poor quality.

To avoid these troubles, the best way to shop on eBay for Vietnamese customers is through intermediary trading services such as VietAir Cargo. With 7 years of experience in providing intermediary services on e-commerce sites such as eBay, Amazon we bring you the smart gadgets to make buying American products as easy as buying Vietnamese goods. No need for international payment cards, no need to know English, no need to manually troubleshoot payment process, just pick up and call vietaircargo. Good buying advice, receiving help in the US, transfer to Vietnam only with a deposit of 50% – the lowest market and the fee can not be more reasonable. Want to buy US goods, not possible with vietaircargo. Please contact us for the best advice and support for you.

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