America is considered a shopping haven with quality products at the top of the world. Moreover, the stereotype that American goods are expensive is eradicated with the fact that US products are many times cheaper than other countries due to improvements in production technology. It is these things that have made demand for cheap US goods in Asian countries in which Vietnam has continuously increased in recent years.

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Buy cheap US goods to Vietnam

Actually, Vietnamese people do not have much opportunity to use US goods because transportation is not easy, tax services and customs difficulties are a big obstacle. Therefore, our service buying cheap goods in Vietnam is the best solution that you can proceed. The solution helps you save time while saving costs compared to other modes of purchase. With our fast, safe and responsible motto, we are confident about our ability to care for and serve the needs of American customers in Vietnam.

Founded seven years ago, VietAir Cargo is now the leading US wholesaler. So far, we have gradually improved the quality of our services and expanded our network across the nations with the vision and mission to bring international goods closer to the Vietnamese. At present, the volume of goods transported from America to Vietnam monthly reaches more than 2,000 units, serving more than 800 customers per month. We are still working to improve productivity and increase the number of bills of lading to better serve overseas Vietnamese.

With a steady system in depth, the infrastructure includes warehouses and trading partners in the US and Vietnam. With a serious investment in information technology, security and staff in both Vietnam and the US are standardized procedures in transportation, invoice processing, tax … We still We are aiming to become the best service provider in the fields of: Amazon Ship, American Ship to Vietnam, Buy Ebay Client, Buy Amazon Ship, Ship US.

We support two-way transportation services from USA to Vietnam and vice versa. VietAir Cargo always want to expand and satisfy customers in the best way with their services. Up to now, the service of buying American goods and services to the US shipments are two areas with the most investment of the team VietAir Cargo.

Buy American households and the predominant solutions:

  • Buy cheap US goods to Vietnam
  • Ensure an average time of 7 days
  • Cost is always lowest
  • The deposit fee is only 50% of the merchandise value
  • Ensure proper, not broken, the status quo.
  • Preferred for loyal customers, wholesale customers.
  • Taxes, customs clearance.
  • There is a store in the United States to store goods.
  • Self-inspection of goods status through intelligent tracking system
  • Vietnam shipper team, home delivery wherever you are.

Choosing our service to buy cheap goods in Vietnam is a good solution to you quickly get the goods from the US that you like.

Call us immediately at your hotline or go to VietAir Cargo for the best support and collaboration.

US office: 760 Charcot Ave San Jose, CA 95131 | Hotline: (669) 292-9061

Office in Vietnam: 50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC | Hotline: 0839 900 422

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