Vietair Cargo is pleased to introduce to you specific details about how to buy on Ebay always ensure the safety and fastest. To be able to buy items on Ebay (mua hang tren Ebay) you need to proceed with the following tasks:

Select the item you want to buy on

On the homepage of, at the top of the home page there is a search box for all the information up to the product on the site, you need to type keywords about the product you are looking for. Soon will return you search results with all related products, where you can choose for yourself a product that suits your pocketbook.

Once you have selected your favorite products then click on the details view that product:

The first is the image of the product, followed by the product’s title and the description of the product.

Most images and titles of the product will fully describe the product.

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Purchase Guide on

To help you make an easy purchase on, you need to know the following:

  • Price of the product: The price in USD will be converted into USD at the time of purchase.
  • Freight Charges: Usually, the shipping charge will be in the United States of America as determined by the seller, which will be added as soon as you make a purchase with the purchase price.
  • Delivery Time: At this point, the product will give you specific date or time period, but most will be very fast for the buyer.
  • Payment: at, the payment is quite safe, through the paypal account. In this section, you can call us for assistance and guide purchases on by paying with your Paypal account.
  • Return of Goods: On, they require buyers within 30 days of purchase and receipt if: the merchandise is not the same as description, does not receive goods, hangfbij socks, or damaged due to You can sue and ask the seller to return the full amount.
  • Seller’s information: In this section, you need to pay attention to two factors as follows:

– The quantity of products they sell on to be reliable, each seller’s product must reach a minimum of 200 products.

– Percentage rating of merchandise prestige: merchandise that is credited by the seller with a 98% or higher percentage.

  • Detailed description of the product: in this section, you need to carefully read the content that the seller has noticed in it. To view this section, you need to drag down the bottom of the photo frame to see clearly.

Payment for goods after purchase on

In this section is very important when you make a decision to buy goods or not? Once you have selected the “Buy it now” button, at the ebay price will force you to pay and immediately transfer to the Paypal page to be able to confirm whether the account exists or not.

I advise you in this payment, you should choose for yourself a carrier or a shipping unit like us VietAir Cargo, specializing in this field to be able to support your purchase on is easy Without any risk of losing money or transferring money without receiving the goods. The reason is very simple that will not ship directly to Vietnam, so you need an intermediary to buy goods from and shipping goods to the place you requested within the word. 10 days to 2 weeks you are cargo.

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