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5 tips to buy good on the US website purchase:

1) Visa or Master Card application to buy cheap goods:

People can not buy good at the fine website with a regular ATM card. But what to do right now is to prepare yourself a MasterCard or Visa credit card. This is a very special bank card, it adds features – allows people to self-trading online everywhere, accept payments through these two brands.

2) Check the prestige of the US website when choosing to buy fine goods:

mua-hang-ben-my-gia-re-voi-vietair-cargo 5 Tips for Using American Purchase Services On US Website

Before deciding to buy a good deal and deal, everyone needs to check the credibility of the website. Should & should choose the website prestige good quality when you have filled out all required information such as: address, CCV code on the card …; The transaction will be closed immediately, it is very difficult to cancel & refund unless people receive and return the goods.

Synthesis of support sites for common online American purchases:

  • Websites that represent a company and third-party direct sales support are: If we encounter a third party posting – selling on that site is based on the credibility of every consumer reviews & Vote for that person and then decide
  • Websites that only support 3rd party direct sales: The more people have to find out more because it is like a classified ad, or “online flea market”, it is difficult to determine the level of credibility.

3) Get shipped US cheap goods and procedures, tax rates when buying fine goods:

After deciding to buy fine goods, we naturally want to ship goods to Vietnam. However, large sites such as Amazon or will not accept transportation to our country. So we have to do?

If we have relatives in the United States, then ask the person to take the portable – transferred to everyone.

If you do not have any relatives in the US just contact us Vietair cargo for help

4) Single Payment Options & Points of Interest when Purchasing Fine Items:

Finally we have completed the check, people have to see the main site you want to buy goods that allow payment via Visa or Master Card or not. Anywhere where payment is allowed through this card will have the same logo as the logo on your card. Usually, the logo is placed at the bottom of the page or appears when you click the “Order” button.

5) Company No. 1 on buying services on fine website in Vietnam

VietairCargo is currently voted by the consumers as the leading buying agent in Vietnam today. No further trust of customers Vietaircargo increasingly efforts to try to bring the best quality service to people. Consumers.

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