Currently, the issue of online shopping on e-commerce websites in the US has become more popular than ever in the Vietnamese market. Of those sites, Amazon is one of the commercial websites. The most prestigious and famous retail electronics in the United States. Nowadays, amazon shoppers are very interested in people and especially Vietnamese people. VietAir Cargo will share the experience of buying US on amazon.

What is the experience when buying on amazon, buying at Amazon (mua hang tren Amazon)?

Amazon is simply understood as an online supermarket, where you can choose to buy all kinds of items with quality and reasonable price. Buying amazon merchandise is not just for Amazon, but you can also buy many other items your partners sell on Amazon.

sua-enfagrow-3-cua-my How to buy on Amazon easily, buy on Amazon

So what to keep in mind when buying Amazon merchants?

You should try to make purchases at Amazon to enjoy the promotions they will usually offer, in order to save more money. If you buy from other partners are also but sometimes you still have to bear the cost of shipping, because you buy in many different locations.

– On Amazon, not every product has to be taxed and when you make a purchase on Amazon you will need to pay a lot less when you buy at other stores.

– You need to register on Amazon to be able to track their promotions, help you make the best choice when buying.

How to buy on Amazon easily, buy on Amazon

Option 1: This is pretty simple if you meet the following conditions:

You need to know English to understand the requirements that Amazon offers and the product details you need to buy.

– Amazon will not ship goods to Vietnam, so you need a shipping location in the US.

– In addition, you need the card Master Card, Visa, … (this is the card can pay international) to facilitate your payment easier.

– After you have made a purchase at Amazon without any way to ship to Vietnam, you can rely on the Amazon shipping service from the US always help you.

Method 2: In this way, you can apply for a reputable company to buy goods on Amazon and ship your goods back to Vietnam. Typical in it is VietAir Cargo

Based on where to evaluate a buyer or a good quality item on Amazon?

With the green boxes listed on Amazon as below:

– Rating Feedback of Seller: there are more “stars”, the better the reliability of this item.

– RecentFeedback: You should read Feedback of people who have used this product.

– Feedback History: Statistical Feedback on the products of your choice (in which the Positive Rate is high, it is Negative)

– Ship: Products on Amazon are also dependent on Seller, the product is accepted ship Wordwide worldwide, or only ship internationally in the United States.

Most of the items on Amazon are very difficult to find seller who accept the ship directly to Vietnam so the service in the US and shipping shipment to Vietnam is always available to you can buy any. Any item that you like with moderate price of goods is always secure, 100% premium.

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