As you know, the United States is a leading country in the application of technology in the production line, the US goods are always attractive to many people, including customers in Vietnam. So how to buy American goods (mua hang My) to Vietnam simple and fast.

VietAir Cargo will guide you how to order from USA, order from USA to Vietnam.

American goods are of a rich and quality category and represent the advanced level of the user. Not only Vietnam but also other Asian countries also want to own US goods.

Currently, there are three ways to order from the United States, ordering US goods to Vietnam.

thuc-pham-nhap-khau-bao-re-nhat-viet-nam How to order US goods, order US goods sent to Vietnam

How to order US goods, ordering US goods to Vietnam first is done through your family members in the US. They will act as the buyer and pay the shipping fee for you. This item is considered as gifts of relatives donated to Vietnam.

The second order of US goods is that you go to the US global online shopping sites such as amazon, ebay, … order and wait ship shipping from the US back home. This method is simple, quick and quality because it does not have to go through any intermediaries but the price is quite expensive.

How to order the US goods to Vietnam third is that you will use the US order service, ordering US goods to Vietnam through US companies buying services such as our company. This measure will help you in the early time, lower shipping costs than buying directly through e-commerce websites.

Currently VietAir Cargo specializes in receiving orders from the United States cheap and prestigious Vietnam. Items within the scope of the laws of Vietnam such as household appliances, jewelry, clothing … baby items, household items belong to our portfolio. To order my order and purchase from the US, just send us the link via email, we purchase and do the procedures to send goods to Vietnam for you time and quickly. Most competitive cost now. The US buying sites that you provide must be the official website of any existing US business.

At the latest within 12 hours from the time you send the link, the technical department receives the information and sends you a result notification. If the product is legal and is within the ability of the two parties to conduct the transaction. You pay the order to be ordered immediately. The amount of payment is based on the price the item is offering.

Besides, we are committed to quality assurance, punctuality and the best deal for you. You can pick up at the airport or pick up at our warehouse, as well as pick up at home depending on the service options and the price.

We support two-way transportation services from USA to Vietnam and vice versa. VietAir Cargo always wants to expand and satisfy customers in a good way with its services. Up to now, the purchase of goods from the United States, and shipments of goods from the United States to Vietnam are two areas with the most investment of the team VietAir Cargo.

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