With the current trend, buying foreign goods and especially buying trends on the Amazon website is predominantly the majority of consumers of US goods. Having grasped that trend, Vietair Cargo launches its service on Amazon and Amazon ships to Vietnam with the fastest time in just 1-2 weeks.

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Shopping guide on Amazon (mua hang Amazon):

Before you can ship goods to Vietnam, you need to select items that need to provide then send that link to us, we will check information and report you.

After that, you only need to pay and wait until the day you receive your shipment, with all the international payment, shipping, cargo management, or customs information we can help you with.

Amazon.com has the following basic categories:

Sold by ABC and Fulfilled by Amazon: Sold by ABC as one of those individuals or stores, but found in the Amazon repository, this type is guaranteed quite safe.

Ships from and sold by ABC: that is sold and shipped by ABC, this type is very risky, so you can find out thoroughly evaluation of the seller.

Below is a detailed description of the product on amazon.com:

  • Buyer rating of the product and the seller:
  • Then click on “Add to Card”:
  • Next you select the button: “Proceed to checkout (1 items)”
  • Information about receiving goods and payment of goods:
  • In the shipping address information you should note that the address is US, not Vietnam. Avoid the case of payment is not received from the seller, if in this case, you can call directly to us for direct consultation.
  • Next you choose the method of shipping fast or slow “choose a shipping speed” then select the “continue”
  • Next step you choose payment method, at this step when creating account you added the account to the previous, remember to choose the form of payment is international Visa.
  • To the final step you need to double-check the information to be able to confirm the goods: “Place your order”

After buying on amazon you need to select ship to Vietnam:

After you have completed the above steps you are in need of a shipping service company to Vietnam, you can contact us directly for advice and provide the best shipping service now. Now, always make sure your goods are the safest.

So how can we ship the goods for you best?

You need to call before you want to buy something at Amazon, for our support and advice on the address and how to purchase here.

After you have completed the basic information such as delivery address, how to buy, you need to order that item.

Once completed, you need to track the route of the purchased item before delivery to our warehouse.

We will process the packaging and ship to Vietnam within 1 week of receipt.

When the goods arrive in Vietnam, we carry out paperwork on time.

In the end, customers only receive goods from our company.
⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: info@vietaircargo.com or via website: https://vietaircargo.com, facebook: https://facebook.com/vietaircargo.

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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