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How To Shipping How Does America Use Fedex?

Now you need to send your goods to the US? Please contact the company specializing in shipping to the United States vietair cargo is the most prestigious in Vietnam today. VietAir Cargo provides all the shipping services to the US with the lowest prices for all types of goods and materials without restrictions on size and weight. In particular, we are now the major agent of the world-famous American shipping company Fedex, but you are worried about this carrier. Let’s find out about this carrier.

vietaircargo How To Shipping How Does America Use Fedex?

About FedEx Carrier:

Fedex is known as one of the largest international express carriers in the world. The company was founded in 1973 and undergoes many ups and downs. The event, nowadays, has been present all over the world and everyone is familiar with the image of Fedex. Fedex is also considered one of the leading brands in overnight delivery.

FedEx has now built a nationwide network of 64 provinces and over 200 countries around the world, ready to meet all of your local and international express delivery needs. customer.

But you should not confuse vietaircargo with Fedex, Fedex is a global shipping company and has been introduced in Vietnam through many joint venture contracts with VNPT in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh ….

But in fact, there are many customers who need to come and work with collectors like moving company to us like us because:

  • Vietaircargo we always provide services at cheaper prices than shipping directly from the company
  • Vietaircargo also provides services such as packaging, fumigation, customs clearance, …
  • Vietaircargo we are dedicated to each of our small customers.
  • Vietaircargo we always put ourselves in the customer position to understand the wishes of guests.

For us, every customer is always a friend, every shipment is a great responsibility and motivation. That is why we always improve ourselves, improve the quality of our delivery service to the US to become the largest and most prestigious service provider on the market today.

The FedEx freight merchandise:

Documents, student records, settlement documents, letters, courier documents, etc.

Send gifts for relatives, friends, souvenirs, …

Get baggage transfer

Switch electronics such as computers, phones, camcorders. Cameras, music players, home audio systems, studio sound systems, instruments, ….

Get the transfer of household appliances such as: clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, pottery, children’s toys, …

Get the transfer of antiques, collectibles, sportswear, and unique items, …

Carrying samples such as: garment, wood, fabric, …

Receive transportation of damaged goods returned from overseas, repair goods, warranty goods, goods temporarily imported for re-export …

Transportation of cargo through sea, air.

Advantages of cheap courier VietAir Cargo:

Our reputable courier service is committed to our customers with all our products, goods, including heavy goods.

Our company always use the service optimization, efficiency and economy for customers.

We always offer the competitive price and fastest delivery time, always associated with insurance.

In addition to receiving and transferring goods, our company always supports consulting clients with the procedures of import, export and procedures for temporary export re-import with the items sent and repaired, the complex items Need to do a lot of relevant documents such as shipping rules, quarantine.

In response to the needs of our customers, we are committed to serving customers 24/24 during and outside working hours, receiving goods at any point where the customer needs.

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: [email protected] or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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Tips To Buy And Ship From Ebay To Vietnam

Today, the issue of buying on Ebay professional is no stranger to consumers in the world, including Vietnam. Especially for those who have the hobby and passion for using American brands, this is a great opportunity for them. While the leading e-commerce site in the world, the form of trading activity is taking place at is still quite latent by the risks and risks typical when buying online. So to understand how to buy goods on Ebay to ensure the safety of goods, you see the experience Vietair Cargo to share with you.

mua-hang-tu-ebay-de-dang Tips To Buy And Ship From Ebay To Vietnam

The hidden money risks when buying on Ebay:

Items are sold on Ebay including new and used items. Therefore, you do not know how to shop on Ebay proficiency or you are lacking in careful investigation of the product. Your product, you will encounter the potential risk when buying the wrong old goods, imitation goods, goods are of poor quality.

At Ebay there are thousands of merchants, including reputable sellers and unreliable sellers. When you make a purchase on Ebay you are responsible for all your orders placed on it. If you do not have the experience of making a purchase here, you will easily lose money or your goods will not be what you want.

Experience a good price find in Ebay:

First, you can go to the homepage to search for discounts every day, week or month that Ebay usually offers.

If you do not find the right product, you can find it directly by typing in the Ebay search box with the name of the product you want to buy, the keyword of that item is the key to you. Can hunt for cheap goods right on the Ebay ecommerce site.

Experience in evaluating sellers:

There are many people who shop online without any experience, so it is easy for unscrupulous sellers to cheat on the quality of the goods, or to buy fake goods, poor quality.

Currently, Ebay builds images for buyers and sellers, thanks to the level of success and reliability of each other through buyer feedback. There is a risk that after you have made a purchase and paid, the seller may not ship the item to you, or the seller may cancel the subscription on ebay.

To evaluate good sellers need the following factors:

  • Description of merchandise: The seller has their own heart to always describe their goods most honestly.
  • Community: That is the level of communication, exchange between customers
  • Shipping time: that is the time for delivery
  • Shipping and handling charges: home delivery charges.

The note when shopping on Ebay (mua hang tren Ebay):

You should avoid the seller’s address from China or Hong Kong, because the seller has bad reputation and time to ship lasts up to a month to receive the goods.

Avoid selecting those who have low understatements.

Please read carefully the product status notes also available: New, Refurbished or Used.

Look carefully at the product image, if it is a real product image.

Experience when paying for goods on Ebay:

After carefully reviewing the information of merchants and merchants, click on the button labeled “Buy it now” to pay for your order on Ebay. At this time, Ebay will transfer you to Paypal payment page to be able to confirm payment account. Here you need to pay close attention to the information about the goods and confirm the payment of the bill.

If you have not had any experience with ebay purchase yet, we encourage you to have an online shopping experience to see if you can help or buy your merchandise if you are not confident about the product. Myself. Receiving units are only responsible for receiving the goods you have purchased from Ebay for your help, they do not inspect and assume all liability for the goods you have purchased on Ebay.

Experience of ship form in Vietnam:

When goods are shipped to Vietnam with items purchased on Ebay with American brand will usually not ship directly to Vietnam, so you should find yourself a service company to ship to the new place. You ask.

Note that when you buy goods should avoid buying old items because when the goods through customs of Vietnam may be held, destroyed or severely severely punished.

The above is our experience of how to buy and ship from Ebay to Vietnam, hopefully with these shares will help you more information to buy some of the items. Quality goods with reputable brands in Ebay as well as the avoidance of unnecessary trouble brought.

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Website Shopping for Simplified and Fast

With the advancement of society, the demand for human goods is increasingly expanding, and the purchase of goods is no longer limited to space and time. Just one click you can buy any product and wherever you want. The only problem is payment and shipping. And you can make purchases in the US through US web-buying. This method will save you a lot of time, avoid risks and ensure the safety of goods.

nhap-khau-hang-tu-my Website Shopping for Simplified and Fast

Steps to purchase through the US website purchase

Currently in Vietnam, the demand for buying goods does not stop in the country but also reaches the international market, especially in the US market. Products made in the US are considered good quality goods. So everyone wants to own the genuine channel in this country. While American purchases in Vietnam often do not guarantee because it may be risky to buy genuine, counterfeit goods that price is not cheap. Therefore, buying in the US in the US through the US shopping site is a very effective solution for all customers who love these products.

To purchase goods through the US website, you perform the following steps:

Find out about the products you are about to buy including materials, colors, sizes, prices, … everything meets your requirements? You should also consult the opinions of other customers about the product on the website or through acquaintances. At the same time, you should choose reputable, long-established online merchants. You can also find out the attractive promotions of different providers. Compare prices and choose the vendor of the vendor you see fit. Do not rush to make a decision as you can refer to your unit for purchases in the US.

Select amazon service companies and transport goods to Vietnam. You should choose reputable companies to stay safe about the goods being purchased and have a reasonable price. The reputable company will have useful tips for you about the product you will buy, shop options, prestige, cheap, .. give you full information about products for you. And importantly, fast shipping with high safety, low risk, affordable rates. And is one of the few My purchase websit meet these requirements.

If you have found the product on the appropriate US sales website, you send link, sample, product specifications for the service unit.

You will receive a quote. At, you only need to deposit 50% of the product value, then pay off when you receive goods. If you are a repeat customer, you will be issued with a special card for vip customers.

In the period of 5-10 days, you will receive the goods. Shipped to your place at your request. Goods will be secured intact, absolutely safe. If there is a failure, the unit will give full refund to the customer. If the merchandise does not meet your requirements, you can refuse delivery.

So buying online in the US is no longer a problem for everyone who loves high-end products from the US. Just a few small operations and through an intermediary you can get yourself a genuine item. VietAir Cargo is the most used American consumer shopping website today. always accompany you on the way out to the world.

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: [email protected] or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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The unit shipments from the US fast, safe, cheap rates.

Vietair Cargo is the first US-based shipper to be established in Vietnam. With years of experience, Vietair Cargo has shipped enormous cargo volumes from the US as well as many other countries around the world to Vietnam. With a professional work ethic, we always give every customer an enjoyable experience. Goods are transported to the customer’s place request with the fastest time, the goods are guaranteed the safest. Therefore, every month, about 800 customers make transactions from USA with Vietair Cargo.

don-vi-nhan-ship-hang-tu-my-ve-viet-nam-gia-re The unit shipments from the US fast, safe, cheap rates.

Demand for US goods is increasing

American-originated items have always been the dream of many. For long, American goods are always appreciated by consumers around the world in terms of quality and design. Owning genuine products from the United States is also a way of showing your class.

Alongside that, people’s living is growing, especially in urban areas in cities and towns. People increasingly toward a life not only full, eat delicious, nice to wear but the demand for the use of luxury goods, luxury goods also increased rapidly in a small body of individuals, families have High economic condition.

In addition, with the rapid and rapid development of information technology, the internet, the purchase of goods is no longer a limitation. You just sit at home and can buy goods anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Taking advantage of this opportunity, vendors also do not ignore a large market. A wide range of popular sales sites like eBay, Amazon,, … with millions of items of all kinds from fashion, cosmetics, household items, baby items, Old, … gives consumers a rich choice.

The remaining problem is the transportation of goods. This process is also extremely important, it contributes significantly to your success. If you have relatives living in the US then you can buy and send home. However, it is also quite round, take time. Many sales websites are limited to not accepting shipments from the US to Vietnam such as Amazon. So how do you transport the goods from the US to your home. This is simple if you use the service of receiving US shipments to Vietnam. get shipment from USA to Vietnam cheap

Catching up with the growing demand for US-based buying and shipment services, many service companies are launching. But you need to be very careful when choosing the service provider, especially small-scale private companies, which are often not reputable.

Vietair Cargo is proud to be the leading US freight forwarder in Vietnam.

With the advantages of fast, safe, cheap rates, Vietair Cargo is always the prestigious shipping address that all customers in Vietnam come to. Not only that, Vietair Cargo also advise, support for customers to buy online on the US website sales.

Please note that all items shipped in accordance with Vietnamese and US laws when using Vietair Cargo’s shipping service are covered by default up to $ 200 for the total amount of the order. . For more details on shipping regulations, please refer to the “Shipping Policy and Terms of Use” section of our website

VietAir Cargo has a team of domestic delivery staff, fast, enthusiastic. Can delivery to anywhere in the territory of Vietnam, at your request.

Using Vietair Cargo’s US shipment service, you do not have to spend time messing with complicated Customs procedures. We will deal with these procedures to help you in accordance with the law.

For more information and answers to questions, customers can visit our website, or contact us at:

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: [email protected] or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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Experience to Buy on Amazon Cheap

Today, the issue of online shopping on Amazon is no longer strange to the Vietnamese people. But how can you afford to buy cheap goods from this website in the United States, then not everyone knows it all. To help you save money when buying at Amazon, today VietAir Cargo we would like to share with you the experience of buying on Amazon cheap.

Hunting from Amazon discount programs:

kinh-nghiem-mua-hang-tren-amazon-gia-re-1 Experience to Buy on Amazon Cheap regularly launches promotions in the quarter and in the year, especially on big promotions such as Cyber ​​Monday or Black Friday or Christmas shopping every year. At this Amazon site you need to register as a member to be able to regularly receive the information of this special promotion. Also, do not miss out on the Daily GoldBox Deals – this is a daily specials promotion, so you can hunt for the hottest bargains.

Contact Amazon to get a discount:

Amazon offers great policies that will reimburse guests whenever there is a discount offer. More specifically, when you have just bought something on Amazon, but the next day it is discounted, then you do not regret what to do, you quickly contact immediately to Amazon customer care channel by Live chat, call or you can email so they can refund the difference. But you need to be very careful, this benefit is usually reserved for items shipped from and you need to contact Amazon immediately for a period of 7 days since you Start buying. However, for other types of Slaer items, there is no guarantee of Amazon, so you need to pay close attention at this point.

Get flashy salons with Amazon Gold Box and Amazon Coupons:

Amazon launched the Black Friday promotion is no longer unfamiliar to the people of Vietnam but most of you do not know that Amazon launched this promotion is limited to Amazon Gold Box. In addition, Amazon also runs coupon sites, where there are often referral offers such as food items or sports equipment. Another point to keep in mind from Amazon is the frequent refreshing of Gold Box Deals and Coupos, so check regularly for new promotions.

Use the CamelCamelCamel tool to shop for cheap amazon:

This type of tool is the kind of tool used to view the price list and view Amazon’s price history. Then you can register CamelCamelCamel for easy tracking the product price and email notification or visit the discount order you want to buy. You can also track price fluctuations of items.

Avoid paying taxes on orders from third parties:

Now, there are a number of third-party vendors from Amazon that do not have to pay sales tax, so in these cases you can avoid paying taxes. It is important to note that not all third-party vendors will be taxable, so it’s best to check them thoroughly before making a purchase. You need to look carefully at the list of tax-free salespeople by typing the mouse over the toolbars such as “New” or “Used” on the page for each item.

Find good prices both old and new with Amazon Warehouse, Amazon Outlet and MyHabit tools:

The Amazon Warehouse is one of the Amazon stores that specialize in new boxed items and bounce supplies. Here you can find the types of items you want with the simple refund policy. Items sold at Amazon Warehouse will be classified as “Very Good” or “Good”. Therefore, with each new item sold for sale, it certainly will not be like used items about 2 years. Also, you can watch live on Amazon Outlet with discounts up to 30% off or more and you can immediately access MyHabit to receive promotions in each category. Separate design item.

More convenient with pre-set orders:

On Amazon sells hundreds of different retail items such as sonic, toilet paper, … at the price offered quite steamed daanxso with stores like Walmart where you are. But it is important that you place an order of $ 25 to buy them. In addition, you can buy them with the addition of your shopping cart with pre-order items such as electronic toys or video types that are coming soon.

_dmca_premi_badge_4 Experience to Buy on Amazon Cheap
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Choose how to buy amazon ship on Vietnam

With the current trend, buying foreign goods and especially buying trends on the Amazon website is predominantly the majority of consumers of US goods. Having grasped that trend, Vietair Cargo launches its service on Amazon and Amazon ships to Vietnam with the fastest time in just 1-2 weeks.

Amazon-640x480 Choose how to buy amazon ship on Vietnam

Shopping guide on Amazon (mua hang Amazon):

Before you can ship goods to Vietnam, you need to select items that need to provide then send that link to us, we will check information and report you.

After that, you only need to pay and wait until the day you receive your shipment, with all the international payment, shipping, cargo management, or customs information we can help you with. has the following basic categories:

Sold by ABC and Fulfilled by Amazon: Sold by ABC as one of those individuals or stores, but found in the Amazon repository, this type is guaranteed quite safe.

Ships from and sold by ABC: that is sold and shipped by ABC, this type is very risky, so you can find out thoroughly evaluation of the seller.

Below is a detailed description of the product on

  • Buyer rating of the product and the seller:
  • Then click on “Add to Card”:
  • Next you select the button: “Proceed to checkout (1 items)”
  • Information about receiving goods and payment of goods:
  • In the shipping address information you should note that the address is US, not Vietnam. Avoid the case of payment is not received from the seller, if in this case, you can call directly to us for direct consultation.
  • Next you choose the method of shipping fast or slow “choose a shipping speed” then select the “continue”
  • Next step you choose payment method, at this step when creating account you added the account to the previous, remember to choose the form of payment is international Visa.
  • To the final step you need to double-check the information to be able to confirm the goods: “Place your order”

After buying on amazon you need to select ship to Vietnam:

After you have completed the above steps you are in need of a shipping service company to Vietnam, you can contact us directly for advice and provide the best shipping service now. Now, always make sure your goods are the safest.

So how can we ship the goods for you best?

You need to call before you want to buy something at Amazon, for our support and advice on the address and how to purchase here.

After you have completed the basic information such as delivery address, how to buy, you need to order that item.

Once completed, you need to track the route of the purchased item before delivery to our warehouse.

We will process the packaging and ship to Vietnam within 1 week of receipt.

When the goods arrive in Vietnam, we carry out paperwork on time.

In the end, customers only receive goods from our company.
⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: [email protected] or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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