USPS (United States Postal Service) is a US National Postal Service Company with a variety of tailor-made packages for all types of individuals, companies and organizations wishing to import or export Fast delivery, courier, international courier by road, air, sea. Usually to use the service, you have to bring goods to the post office, waiting for cost calculation and USPS create shipping label. But with VietAir Cargo, you can completely manipulate everything at home. Our online labeling and cost estimation system will support you whenever you need it.

usps-1 Utilities when using VietAir Cargo's USPS shipping label

Coming to VietAir Cargo’s domestic shipping label, you can choose suitable carriers such as Fedex, UPS or USPS based on time and cost. You will be guaranteed the lowest freight surcharges compared to other shipping carriers whether sending less or more. By using the cheap USPS courier service, you are always up to date with the shipping status of VietAir Cargo and USPS.

To purchase the USPS shipping label in the US, just enter the zip code of the sender and receiver into the system, 3 dimensions of the box and weight, our system will automatically covenant. Calculate costs, if you agree to this rate, submit a request to create a form, we will create the label and respond as soon as possible to you. Our staff will check the mail continuously and provide the shipping label as soon as requested by the customer. When you use the service of VietAir Cargo will enjoy the most practical benefits in terms of price as well as services such as pick-up.

Among the many USPS courier services of the shipping companies but we are still selected by:

– Competitive transportation costs.

– The best quality of service.

– The process of transportation, payment is simplified.

– Have cargo insurance to protect the maximum benefit of customers.

– Pick up at home.

– Delivery upon request.

– Time to ship quickly, as committed.

– Dedicated, caring staff, 24/24 support.

At present, VietAir Cargo is supplying two types of USPS label:

USPS Priority Mail

USPS Priority Mail Express

If you have any questions or need assistance contact immediately with VietAir Cargo US according to the information below:

1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122

(408) 898-9999

[email protected]

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