On a beautiful day you wake up and look your beauty in the mirror and you do not recognize yourself in the mirror by the appearance of beauty. And you worry do not know where the cause: from food or living. Every day is not scientific, because of the stress in the work, … If you want to regain youthful, fresh skin, you need to clear the cause of your skin getting worse and worse. If you are looking to buy functional food from the US, please come to our American buying service.

1.Do excessive stress.

The daily work pressures have a huge impact on your body. When you’re tired, your body produces bad hormones that make your skin cells dehydrate and lead to more serious conditions than dry skin, weakened immune systems, and breakouts. Buddha.

The first signs of stress are the reddish, lumpy pimples on the underside of the skin. When touched, you can feel your skin is not smooth and lumpy. Sometimes, the body also has blisters on the skin in the forehead, jaw, or cheeks.

In order to regain beautiful skin you need acne treatment in combination with reducing the stress of exercise .

da-ban-mun-vi-stress 6 Reasons Your Skin Looks Bad

2. Do oral contraceptives.

According to a survey in Vietnam today, nearly 50% of women have skin problems when they turn 30 years old despite their skin is always beautiful and healthy. Caused by the rapid decline of estrogen hormones in the years 28-29 years. Women over the age of 30 often develop skin pigmentation and brown spots are more common.

Initially, you can use birth control pills to help smooth out skin tone, but after a short time using estrogen in the drug will stimulate the production of melamine, forming brown spots on the skin.Also affect the skin. Thyroid and body imbalances. You will feel dry and wrinkled skin.

da-ban-tan-nhang-dom-nau-vi-thuoc-tranh-thai 6 Reasons Your Skin Looks Bad

3.Do sleep less, sleep less well, sleep on time.

Proper sleep at the right time is very important to the health and especially to the skin of a woman. Do you know why? Because skin regeneration is most intense at night. Lack of sleep causes severe skin damage such as oily skin, rough, aging skin, blackened skin and loss of firmness.

You should start to go to bed at 9pm to 11pm so your body can recover best after 1 working day. If after 23h you have not gone to sleep it is very bad for your health as well as skin.

da-kho-thieu-nuoc-khi-ngu-khong-dung-gio 6 Reasons Your Skin Looks Bad

4.Do drink too much alcohol.

Alcohol, beer in just enough to help us relax and more delicious in the meal, the spirit of comfort. However, when drinking alcohol has become a daily habit, it has an extremely negative impact on your health as well as your skin. Because when you drink a lot of alcohol, the capillaries of the skin are dilated, causing your skin to become dull and lacking vitality. You should consider this habit to have a beautiful skin.

da-do-lo-chan-long-to-khi-uong-nhieu-ruou-bia 6 Reasons Your Skin Looks Bad

5.Do drink too little water and not have enough water during the day.

70% of our body is water so water is extremely important to your health as well as your skin. If you do not provide enough water for your body, it will cause your skin to become dry, rough and more likely to become acne. You should have a 2 liter bottle of water on your side so you can supply your body with water at any time.

da-ban-bi-mun-vi-uong-it-nuoc 6 Reasons Your Skin Looks Bad

6.Do eat too much sugar.

When you eat too much sugar, your blood sugar levels increase, causing inflammation in your body’s veins. It also causes dermatitis, rash and itching. Longevity will make your skin dry wrinkles, aging, acne and uneven skin color. Change your eating habits right now.

da-noi-mun-boc-khi-an-qua-nhieu-duong 6 Reasons Your Skin Looks Bad

These are the six causes that make your skin look worse every day. Hope this article will help you have a healthy, fresh skin. If you are like the US ship or ship to the US cheap price please come to VietAir Cargo we nhé. Thank you.

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