Buying on Amazon cheap is no longer a strange thing. However, not everyone knows the simple but very effective tips to reduce the maximum cost or shorten shipping time … The article below will provide some tips on how to buy We synthesize by experience and research in practice. VietAir Cargo will share with you the experience of buying goods on amazon and US shipments to Vietnam cheap.

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Find good deals on old and new items when using Amazon Warehouse, MyHabit and Amazon Outlet tools

Amazon Warehouse will provide you with thousands of new items boxed or bounced with quality assurance and very simple refund policy. You can access MyHabit to get design promotions or visit Amazon Outlet to purchase discount items up to 30% off.

Get your money back or get a replacement if your item is not intact without returning the item

Having trouble getting goods is an unavoidable risk. When you encounter this problem, the job you need to do right away is to immediately contact Amazon customer care center and you will receive a replacement item without having to return the goods or you. Refund will be refunded to purchase the item.

6 months trial Amazon Prime package for students and promotions with Amazon Student

It’s not easy to spend $ 99 per year on using Amazon Prime for every student, even if the benefits you get prove that this is a very good investment. Amazon will support students to access this service through Amazon Student for only $ 49 per year.

Get free Kindle books and Androi apps everyday

Some Kindle books will be Amazon’s gift to book lovers. You will be a very delicate person when giving these gifts in two simple steps: declaring the email name or full name and address of the recipient’s address.

Get money back or extend Amazon Prime time if the shipment is late than committed

If you do not receive your item during the Amazon engagement, contact Amazon Customer Care and you will receive a shipping charge or one month extension of use. Amazon Prime Package.

If you have any concerns or worries about your purchase on Amazon, please contact us – VietAir Cargo for advice and order support. With years of experience ordering at Amazon, we are sure you will not be disappointed when holding on to your item.

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