To be able to shop at Ebay simply and safely, Vietair Cargo would like to share with you how to bid on Ebay with the forms given in this article.

mua-hang-qua-ebay-ship-ve-viet-nam eBay Auctions Guide I Ship to Vietnam

Detailed Auction Instructions for Items on

Step 1: Search for the product to be auctioned on ebay:

At the home page, you can enter the product name you want to find in the search (as in the picture).

The website has a built-in advanced search engine that will help you find the product that is more accurate with your requirements. With this tool, you can choose according to the date and month the product was manufactured or originated.

Note when choosing advanced search:

In the Search including, you should tick the search box in the “Title an description” to be able to search even in the header content of the product ads to give the full results.

In the “Sort By” section, you choose “Price: lowest fist” here ebay will give you a list of products from low to high for you to choose easier.

Step 2: Carefully read the information about the product to be auctioned on ebay:

  • Item condition ie the condition of the product, New: the new product, Used: the product used, For parts or not wordking: ie the product has been damaged, bought to get components in dirty.
  • Item location: the place of sale such as Vietnam, Taiwan, …
  • Ship to: means move to. Where are the products being sold to? As pictured above, the watch is on sale nationwide. But if there are some sellers who do not ship to Vietnam, then you need to use the function to ask the seller to be able to exchange more information. As for the items shipped to Vietnam, you select the section labeled “See exclusions” here you will know information about delivery fees, delivery time, …
  • Payments: Here’s how to pay for goods: Here you need to thoroughly check how the seller needs a form of payment, but the most popular now on eBay is Paypal.

Step 3: Find out carefully the credibility of the seller on eBay that you are auctioning on ebay:

As you know, the sellers on large ecommerce sites are extremely diverse, so to be able to identify reputable sellers you need to select the customer’s feedback. If the seller has a high Positive feedback, then it shows that the product has a great reputation, they are highly rated by many customers. According to the experience of the shop owner or auction from Ebay, the positive feedback usually has to reach 95% or more to be reliable enough. Therefore, you need to look at who sells a lot, if a person who sells from a few dozen products to thousands of products, they must be extremely reliable and must have a reputation for high feedback.

In the image above, the seller receives 99.5% positive feedback – this is a very high number, it confirms the prestige of the item, or as shown in the figure below to reach 99.4%.

Also, there is more experience when auctioning on ebay that you need to pay attention to when reading in postve and Negative feedback. In which the items with negative feedback that belong to such categories as: Slow shipment, liar, give me wrong item, … you are very careful in this section. And if you see Negative feedback that is of the late arrivals, high shipping costs, … you do not have to worry about most of the time during shipping it has some problems that do not deserve to happen.

Step 4: You can bid on ebay or choose to buy now.

Buy it now: buy it now. For example, in the picture above you can buy the watch

Bid: means auction. Usually the seller will offer something always in the form of auction. But the auction will take a lot of time and also when you import goods on retail so I recommend the best you should buy the product that you need to choose.

Step 5: Payment and receipt after auction on ebay

After you have successfully auctioned on ebay or made a direct purchase, you need to pay the seller so they can ship the item to your place of purchase.

After successful auction on ebay and you want to move to Vietnam then contact us Vietair cargo will help you quickly.

Ebay vn also supports auctions from many other websites:

If you are a regular hunter of discount items, you will surely know many websites are selling US and ship support directly to Vietnam but with high transport fees.

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