and are the two leading e-commerce sites in the world, especially in the US market. These two websites were born long ago and have their own strengths. In this article VietAir Cargo will help you understand better buy on ebay or amazon? So you can make the decision to buy in the United States that suits you best.

shop-ebay-amazon Buy on ebay or amazon?

According to you should buy on ebay or amazon.

Ebay is a product auction site and you can sign up for a booth on ebay and self-evaluate the product you want to sell for a certain period of time. Buyers will self-assess the product and decide to auction it. After the end of time, if you are the highest bidder you will buy it, if you pay a lower price you will fail and not buy that product. Ebay is suitable for those who like to hunt cheap, cheap. However, you have to be very careful when buying on ebay because when trading with each other, ebay is not interfering in so the counterfeit goods quality can still occur here.

When buying on amazon cheap you will find 3 objects for sale to you – Amazon and Amazon direct shipping and shipping. This group of goods usually ensure quality. If you encounter a mistake, you can change the payment directly before 30 days. These commodities are usually sold by consignment distributors at Amazon’s warehouses. This group is quite secure. – The goods are delivered and shipped by the seller posted directly on Amazon. You will be at risk of buying fake goods when selecting this item. Please be careful with this case.

You can also make your own preliminary assessment should buy on ebay or amazon.
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