Customers recently referred to VietAir Cargo consultants have mentioned a lot to the service companies they have used, the add-ons and support that they receive when using the services of the company. This one The people who work in the industry themselves, I think there are many things out of control of the company like the weather, the third party service. Although it is true that the company itself and the company always want to bring the best benefits to customers, mistakes in the work process, obstacles between parts or more broadly are geographic issues.

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The previous day in the topic “Asked to transfer goods from overseas to Vietnam” at Webtretho, I have read all the suggestions as well as comments. Perhaps due to the nature of sharing the community, there are issues that satisfy or dissatisfy what, the mother’s sister are very sincere. This is an opportunity for VietAir Cargo to draw valuable lessons for themselves.

Well-known companies such as Vietlink Global, Giaonhan247, … also appeared in the new names, private services small. The mention is synonymous with the brand you have deep in the consumer, the problem for each brand is how to keep a good impression in the customer. An issue that VietAir Cargo considers important is how to retain customers and satisfy customers, even if they may not use your service later, will not complain about the company in many places. .

True to the crowd mentality, shipping in big brands, high reputation, less fear of commodity as well as risk for the transaction. If you have selected the prestigious address as VietAir Cargo, Vietlink Global, … then the customer will find the article sharing experience real. If you get good responses on community discussion articles, your trust will increase and, of course, they will contact you for direct consultation, the opportunity has been given. But keep how it is depending on your way. But in case, they read a bad response from your customers, so everything will end there.

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An exercise poses to all companies and they all know how to accomplish this exercise perfectly well, but not everyone can do it. And VietAir Cargo is one of the companies trying to learn every day to complete this “exercise” best.

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