Today America is always preferred and trusted in Vietnam because of the good quality as well as the price is not too high to own and you should ignore the prejudice that US goods are expensive and expensive. Because American products are much cheaper than those purchased in Asian countries thanks to improvements in production technology. Therefore, the demand for cheap US household goods in Vietnam has continuously increased.

Why should you need to buy a unit from the US cheap.

Actually, in Vietnam, there are not many people using American products because they are having difficulties transporting goods from the US to Vietnam or the tax and customs clearance at the customs office when goods arrive in Vietnam. Male. The solution for you at this time is the US buyers of US companies specializing in buying American and ship from the United States to Vietnam prestige. When you come to them you will feel the safety and responsibility in them. They will pledge to buy the right link and information about the item you want to buy on the prestigious American shopping website. Established seven years ago, VietAir Cargo was formerly a US ship agency and shipped to the United States of America. Later, we also opened up the American buying service and the American Vietnamese community in Vietnam. Male highly appreciated. Up to now, we have gradually improved the quality of our services and expanded the network nationwide and throughout the United States to bring US and Vietnamese goods closer. Along with a system of in-depth stability such as infrastructure, warehouses, modern information technology system, you can receive automatic quotes via sms and email immediately, every time a package or Your item has a change status you will receive sms and email notification. You can also check the item information anytime anywhere with the tracking code we provide.

mua-hang-ho-tai-my-gia-re VietAir Cargo, the unit that buys goods from the US most professional cheap

Buy cheap US goods

Buy cheap goods from the US


  • Goods from 7-10 days from the time of arrival at VietAir Cargo store in San Jose, California, USA. The cost of shipping from the US to Vietnam is the cheapest today.
  • You can look through our cheap US price list. You only have to deposit 50% of the quotation you receive, Ensure the correct link and information you provide to VietAir Cargo, do not fall, in the status quo.
  • We always have incentives for close customers, traders, import US goods for business. We include taxes, customs clearance.
  • Self-inspection of goods status through intelligent tracking system Vietnam shipper team, home delivery wherever you are in 63 provinces in Vietnam.
  • We will contact you and arrange a reasonable time and place of delivery.


vietair-cargo-nhan-mua-hang-ho-tai-my-gia-re VietAir Cargo, the unit that buys goods from the US most professional cheap



Choosing our affordable US home buying service in Vietnam is a great way to quickly get your favorite American products. US Offices: 1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999 ⛪Office in Vietnam: 50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Ward 3 – Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City Hotline ☎ 08) 39900422 For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: or via website:, facebook: ?He served to customers. Thank you!

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