Currently, is a famous US web site that is no stranger to many Vietnamese people, especially for those who like shopping, buying American products, buying US goods online. However, many people still wonder whether to buy goods on ebay professional ?, Ebay VN have like ebay US ?, buy on ebay have good ?, buy goods on ebay get shipped to vietnam? Is it safe to buy ebay? Please also check out VietAir Cargo.

mua-hang-qua-ebay-ship-ve-viet-nam Shopping on ebay is safe?

Quality issues when shopping on ebay

There are two types of goods sold on are new and used goods. Please note this and remember to read the product description carefully to avoid mistakes when buying goods offline.

You need to pay attention to information sellers offline, the sales people with high feedback is more trustworthy. You should avoid salespeople in China because they often have low credibility.

You also need to consider shipping and shipping time on offline. Most of the items on do not have ship service to Vietnam, but if there are US shipping service on ebay to Vietnam the procedure is very troublesome and takes a lot of time.

After you get the goods if there is a breakdown, the goods are not as described, you do not know how to change the return.

To help customers easily purchase from the US, buy on ebay and avoid the danger of buying on ebay VietAir Cargo will help you solve. Come to our genuine ebay shopping cart service. Simply send the product link on ebay to us, VietAir Cargo will advise you to buy with this seller, how to buy, how to buy the best. on ebay. After we quote and you accept deposit of 50% of your order, VietAir Cargo will start buying on ebay for you and ship to Vietnam within 7-10 days from to warehouse. of VietAir Cargo in the US.

Hope this article helps you answer questions about ebay purchase questions are safe?. So you have more knowledge to buy quality items on ebay.

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