The mode of shipping to the US is one of the routes that many individuals and companies learn. The goods shipped to the US are usually made by individuals or close relatives in the US, children studying, trading companies with US partners. In fact, people often pay attention to the time to ship goods to the United States and shipped to the US cheap. Vietair Cargo is a company specializing in the field of shipping to the US for many years experience in the industry, to us you will be using the best package with the lowest cost.

dich-vu-mua-hang-my-truc-tuyen-chuyen-nghiep Shipping to USA Cheap, professional, Prestige, Guarantee.

Where to transport the US to ensure safety?

Wherever you want to ship to anywhere or any country, we can still give you quotes without waiting, just a few minutes to get results. The delivery of his goods.

Each shipment to the United States (van chuyen hang My) should meet the requirements as below:

  • Packing process: The goods must be packaged in accordance with proper packaging and labeling.
  • For fragile items: need to insert buttons, foam inserts, anti-squash tools and wooden bales (if needed).
  • Packaging Carton, vacuum to special items.

We always provide special assistance to customers when applying for food stamps, food stamps and free cartons for customers who wish to ship to the US. Customers will no longer worry about the type of questions such as: “Where should I ship to the United States most assured?”, Because we will come to the place to receive goods and send to customers to ensure safety. absolute.

We specialize in receiving shipment to the US with the following items:

The types of items that we regularly transport such as: clothes, books, thick slippers, telephone, computer, vouchers, records, the model goods, cosmetics, industrial sewing machine ….

For items such as: fire, ammunition, chemical liquid, drugs, fresh food, unknown goods, … will not be shipped.

In addition, items that are quickly transferred to Vietnam are also received by us to the recipient.

Freight Forwarding to USA:

All kinds of goods in Vietnam will be shipped by air or by sea depending on the nature of each commodity and contract when making a purchase.

Goods will be packaged and transported from the head office in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, carefully checked and then transferred to US headquarters, staff will check again and transfer Directly to the recipient’s hand.

Time to ship goods to the US:

We always support the delivery service and courier to the US to home and close the customer with preferential price.

Express delivery package:

About 2-3 days for the Hanoi area and about 4-5 days for the Ho Chi Minh City area.

Slow transfer package:

About 5-7 days for the Hanoi area and about 10-14 days for the Ho Chi Minh area

Services to transfer goods safely to safety:

We will use catton carton to close, there are two plastic bags to protect against water, two bags of coconut to tear to ensure the safety of goods while transporting and avoid being unloaded during transportation. Kinds of items are carefully wrapped with plastic to prevent water from getting wet to the goods.

Fragile items are made with wooden crates. Plywood and stuffed foam to reduce shocks to goods.

We always have insurance for valuable and fragile goods.

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