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Service Order cheapest US goods today

As you know the order flow through the network is very popular. However, ordering at reputable US sites is quite inconvenient in transportation and payment to the Vietnamese. Many people have eaten bitter fruit after using this service, so VietAir Cargo wants to bring its customers the best service. This article will summarize the most general view of the cheapest US order service today.

Come to VietAir Cargo you will have the cheapest US order now.

dich-vu-order-hang-my-gia-re-nhat-hien-nay Service Order cheapest US goods today

You know the accident often seen when oder over the network is not received as expected. Even items placed at prestigious shopping sites in Europe, America, Japan … this can happen. For example, a leg dress on a light beige side of the website, until the receipt of a pinkish earthy or sweater on the picture seemed very thick but very thin ….

The brands take photos of the product makes it more beautiful in real life to stimulate the purchasing power of customers. They often use slim body models, adjust lighting, use bright backdrops, image processing … All this makes the product a lot when not the same as the picture.

However, with the big fashion brands, the real product usually only changes a little bit of the image, but rarely disappoints in the quality. In fact, the online clothing disaster comes from the ordering service from an unreliable source.

The customers complain about the quality of the product must include the order from the number of Chinese websites such as Taobao, Paipai, Alibaba, Tmail … This is the site of purchase combined with thousands of suppliers of all kinds of goods Page. On these pages, the manufacturers have the goods in the factory also, the first category is that the goods category 10 is not rare.

China’s web-based online marketing has surfaced about seven to eight years ago. At that time, many people were eager for this service because of the glittering merchandise that was extremely cheap. However, more and more people are facing this service because the goods received look no different from the mop.

So to choose the quality item, where should we go? How to buy?

With the motto of ensuring the interests of buyers, we will put the interests of customers up, compensate 100% of the order value if unilateral damage or damage goods. Especially, VietAir Cargo always have the policy of support and preferential treatment for customers close. For that reason, please use our cheap order service. We specialize in purchasing amazon vietnam quality assurance and cheapest price.

With a steady system in depth, the infrastructure includes warehouses and trading partners in the US and Vietnam. With a serious investment in information technology, security and staff in both Vietnam and the US are standardized procedures in transportation, invoice processing, tax … We still Is aiming to become a good service provider in the fields of: Amazon Ship, Ship From USA To Vietnam, Buy Ebay, Buy amazon on vietnam, order goods price cheap

We support two-way transportation services from USA to Vietnam and vice versa. VietAir Cargo always wants to expand and satisfy customers in a good way with its services. Up to now, the service of ordering cheap goods in Vietnam, and shipments of goods from the US to Vietnam are two areas with the most investment of the VietAir Cargo team.

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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Tips on buying goods on Ebay and ship to Vietnam

Today, the issue of buying on Ebay is no stranger to consumers in the world, including Vietnam. Although the leading e-commerce site in the world, the form of trading activities are held at Ebay is still quite latent by the risks, risks are quite typical when buying online. In order to understand how to buy goods on Ebay to ensure the safety of goods, Vietair Cargo will tell you tips for buying and shiping goods from Ebay to Vietnam extremely useful, useful and prestigious. Please

The hidden money risks when buying on Ebay:

mua-hang-va-ship-hang-tu-ebay-ve-viet-nam Tips on buying goods on Ebay and ship to Vietnam

Items are sold on Ebay including new and used items. Therefore, you do not know how to shop on Ebay proficiency or you are lacking in careful investigation of the product. Your product, you will encounter the potential risk when buying the wrong old goods, imitation goods, goods are of poor quality.

At Ebay there are thousands of merchants, including reputable sellers and unreliable sellers. When you make a purchase on Ebay you are responsible for all your orders placed on it. If you do not have experience buying ebay here then you will be very easy to lose money or your goods will not be as you like.

Buy Experience on Ebay at Good Rates:

First, you can go to the homepage to search for discounts every day, week or month that Ebay usually offers.

If you do not find the right product, you can find it directly by typing in the Ebay search box with the name of the product you want to buy, the keyword of that item is the key to you. Can hunt for cheap goods right on the Ebay ecommerce site.

Experience in evaluating sellers on ebay:

There are many people who shop online without any experience, so it is easy for unscrupulous sellers to cheat on the quality of the goods, or to buy fake goods, poor quality.

Currently, Ebay builds images for buyers and sellers, thanks to the level of success and reliability of each other through buyer feedback. There is a risk that after you have made a purchase and paid, the seller may not ship the item to you, or the seller may cancel the subscription on ebay.

To evaluate good sellers need the following factors:

  • Description of merchandise: The seller has their own heart to always describe their goods most honestly.
  • Community: That is the level of communication, exchange between customers
  • Shipping time: that is the time for delivery
  • Shipping and handling charges: home delivery charges.

The note when shopping on Ebay:

  • You should avoid the seller’s address from China or Hong Kong, because the seller has bad reputation and time to ship lasts up to a month to receive the goods.
  • Avoid selecting those who have low understatements.
  • Please read carefully the product status notes also available: New, Refurbished or Used.
  • Look carefully at the product image, if it is a real product image.

Experience when paying for goods on Ebay:

After thoroughly reviewing the information of merchandise and merchants, you make purchases on ebay by clicking on the button labeled “Buy it now” to be able to pay for your order right on Ebay. . At this time when you have purchased Ebay, the ebay site will transfer you to the Paypal payment page to be able to confirm the payment account. Here you need to pay close attention to the information about the goods and confirm the payment of the bill.

If you have not had any experience with ebay purchase yet, we encourage you to have an online shopping experience to see if you can help or buy your merchandise if you are not confident about the product. Myself. Receiving units are only responsible for receiving the goods you have purchased from Ebay for your help, they do not inspect and assume all liability for the goods you have purchased on Ebay.

Experience after purchase on ebay:

After buying goods on ebay will usually not ship directly to Vietnam, so you should find yourself a service company to ship to the new place you requested.

Note that when you buy goods on ebay should avoid buying old items because when the goods through customs of Vietnam may be kept, destroyed or severely severely punished.

The above is our experience of how to buy on Ebay on Vietnam, hopefully with this share will help you some more information to buy quality items. With a reputable brand name in Ebay as well as avoiding unnecessary hassle. For more information and consultation, please contact us immediately.

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Time to buy and ship from the US to Vietnam

During the service time and also be contact with a lot of customers have asked questions that VietAir Cargo always encounter that is the service to buy from Amazon and shipped from the US to Vietnam cheap will be. How long does it take Not only that, but there are many customers have posed with cute questions such as: “Brother, let me ask: I order 5 days to have goods for you in Vietnam? Or with simple questions such as, “Oh my god, how long will it take you so long, you just think a few days are right now?” This VietAir Cargo will answer the question “How long to buy and ship from the US to Vietnam?”

Time and form of transportation from the US to Vietnam:

These are not just the questions you ask, but we are even buyers and are anxious, expecting our items to be delivered very soon and until we make the service. Products from the US like this we understand the psychology of customers as well as every effort to bring the desire to bring customers the earliest possible. However, in order to be able to buy goods from the US to Vietnam, there are many different steps, so that time will be longer than expected.

thoi-gian-va-hinh-thuc-van-chuyen-hang-tu-my-ve-vn-1 Time to buy and ship from the US to Vietnam

  • First it is the process to place and receive goods in the US, and depending on each geographic position where the time of receiving goods is fast or slow, usually the delivery time will fluctuate within 3-8 days since When ordering in the US, besides, it may be longer if you order from countries like Y, UK to USA.
  • Next to the quality inspection, sorting items at the warehouse of goods purchasing and shipping, and then shipped to Vietnam.
  • Finally, all of these goods are shipped by air, but the time required to ship these items usually takes 5-10 days.

Troubleshooting problems when delivery from Amazon to Vietnam is delayed:

Above is the total time that the customer will receive the item since ordering in the US and shipped back to Vietnam, but so during the work, the time of receiving the goods will be longer than that. With the intentions of overcoming some unintended reasons:

  • The goods are defective, so we need on behalf of customers processing to ensure the best interests of their guests.
  • Delivery time in some places is more than 8 days in advance.
  • There are unplanned problems on the way of cargo traffic is obstructed, so that the transportation of goods delayed.
  • On the traditional days of New Year in Vietnam, this is the time that overseas Vietnamese from the United States to send gifts to relatives in Vietnam is very large so the number of shipments will surge dramatically. For slower handling of goods.
  • Goods have been damaged during the inspection and customs clearance during the shipment from the US to Vietnam.

With all of the above cases, VietAir Cargo will monitor and update information very soon for their own customers. However, we always look forward to the sympathy and some patience from the customer itself for us.

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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A quick and easy way to shop on Ebay

Buying on Ebay is as simple as buying a product on the market. But to make the purchase above is completely different.Vietair cargo will guide you to shop on ebay quickly and conveniently.

Ebay is known as a corporation of a US company, with operated by online auctions where people from all over the world can buy or trade goods, Its service. Ebay outside the US headquarters, there are many other branches in other countries. Ebay also owns two famous brands are: Skype and Paypal.

Actually, ebay just ignores the auction in violation of the terms of use immediately after being informed by the denunciation or reflection from a third party, in fact, Ebay itself is not in the way. Specific measures to control all his business on the system. It is because of this loopholes that a lot of bad people have used Ebay to sell counterfeit goods, poor quality goods, counterfeit goods, or even fire buyers with buyers. It is difficult to detect and block them because most are derived from countries with relatively poor e-commerce security systems such as China, Marocs, Nigeria, … So you have to protect yourself. Yourself in the transaction steps before waiting for Ebay to support or solve the problem yourself.

To be able to know how to shop on Ebay safely and bring the best product. Now we would like to share with you note when buying on Ebay always ensure the absolute safety of your goods.

Quick Guide to Product Search on Ebay and Convenient:

This is the first step that we start in buying any type of home products. At the top of the Ebay home page, you will see a search box, where you enter it with the keywords or the name of the product you are looking to buy. On the Ebay website, there is an advanced search engine that helps you find products that are more accurate with your requirements such as source, year of production, color, genre, etc.

In the advanced search you should check the box labeled “Search title and description” in this section so you can find even in the title and content of the product ads.

After searching for the product results you find, ebay will list all ads that have the earliest finish time. But, our goal is to find a cheap bargain you should choose the “Price: lowest” in the “sort by”, so that Ebay can offer you ads that are priced from low Advance to the height so you can easily see and pick the fastest.

In Ebay’s tool will not understand the range, so when searching for products, you can type in the search box with keywords written seamlessly to get the best results for their own.

Instructions to check carefully information about products on ebay:

huong-dan-mua-hang-tren-ebay-nhanh-tien-loi-nhat A quick and easy way to shop on Ebay

In fact, every ebay seller will offer a different product description. That is why we need to thoroughly understand what the trader is saying about their product as well as the rules that buyers use in terms of payment and shipping, …… Every trader will come up with different rules. If you are still not satisfied with the matter, you can directly ask the supplier of the goods by clicking on the “Ask seller a question” before deciding to buy.

Watch carefully the credibility of eBay seller:

On Ebay there is image building for buyers and sellers based on the level of success and reliability of each other by the feedback that the customer has purchased. Therefore, before deciding to deal with someone, you need to look closely at what items have high stars, high reliability or not.

Auctions or can be purchased right on ebay:

Ebay for building with website allows sellers to advertise products so that buyers can buy right away or can bid on any kind of product.

  • Buy it now: A sample of merchandise that the seller offers at a fixed price for a product line for sale and not for a price.
  • Bid: That is, the seller will offer the lowest price so that the buyer can bid. The person who gives the highest price will buy the product after the auction ends. This way always requires the buyer to be patient and calculate the price to fight, avoid bidding too high compared. With the current price of the product in the market.

Payment and shipping on eBay:

After you have purchased or won the auction, you will need to pay for it

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Amazon shipment service to Vietnam

Shipping service from Amazon to Vietnam

Today, the issue of buying from Amazon to Vietnam (mua hang Amazon gui ve Vietnam) through e-commerce is quite popular. With the number of goods traded on Amazon occupy a high position in the total list of countries except the United States. In order to meet the demand for shipping from Amazon to Vietnam, our company has launched shipping service from USA to Vietnam with shipment from Amazon about very simple and always ensure the safety of goods of customer.

amazon Amazon shipment service to Vietnam

How to ship goods from Amazon to Vietnam today:

As mentioned above, the demand for shipping on Amazon to Vietnam is growing and growing. However, does not carry the goods to Vietnam, so you need the help of intermediaries as below:

  • First, you can ask relatives living in the US receive and ship from the United States to Vietnam.
  • Secondly, you can use the international shipping service from these shipping companies to get your shipment from the US to Vietnam.

In that first option is quite limited, because not everyone has acquaintance living in the US. Moreover, your online purchase in the US will be longer, you can not just keep on asking for them forever, because your loved ones also do their own work, so you should use with The second form is best. We are one of the leading agencies with the ability to meet all the needs of customers when you need to buy at Amazon.

VietAir Cargo specializes in receiving shipments from Amazon to Vietnam for cheap:

With our inexpensive service from Amazon to Vietnam we always meet all kinds of American products that customers demand. In addition, we also accept orders from Amazon for Vietnam or carry US goods as well as support customers while shopping online on other US e-commerce sites with competitive prices now. present.

In that, you only need to provide product links at the Amazon site you have selected for us. We will have the reception department, review the information and report back to you in the quickest time so you can be assured of your goods.

We have offices in the US will receive orders and find ways to ship to Vietnam in the fastest time. They always put the interests of the customer up, will compensate the customer 100% of the value of the order if the order is damaged or damaged goods. Any problems with the goods will be reported to us during transportation if the problem is unfortunate.

Once the goods have arrived in Vietnam, you can pick up directly at the airport or be transferred to the company where you work or at your home depending on your choice of delivery.

It can be said, when you choose the shipping service from Amazon to Vietnam with our cheap price is one of your smart options so you can save money and quickly get the Quality item from Amazon. For more detailed information, please contact us directly for the fastest advice. You can refer to the price list of American purchase of VietAir Cargo to better understand the cost of buying Amazon.

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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Items sent to the US are prohibited from sending and sending conditional

Items sent to the US are prohibited from sending and sending conditional

Nowadays, shipping service to the US has become more and more popular, solving many pressing issues such as distance, time … .. for users of this service. But in fact, not every kind of merchandise can be delivered fast, as it is influenced by many other factors such as prohibited items or items that need to be accompanied when You use the shipping service to the US. Today, in this article we would like to share with you the necessary information about prohibited goods and the type of goods sent conditional in the shipping service abroad.

For prohibited items:

Picture1-9 Items sent to the US are prohibited from sending and sending conditional

As a general rule for all types of shipping services, the following categories are not applicable:

  • Living creatures
  • Substances such as: drugs, opium, neuroleptics, … or addictive substances
  • Weapons, ammunition, military technical equipment
  • Depraved, reactionary articles, publications, documents aimed at undermining public order, countered the state.
  • Explosives, fire or radioactive materials and other dangerous goods.
  • Items that may endanger the postal worker or the public may cause unhygiene, causing environmental pollution.
  • In the mail, there are many types of mail addressed to different addresses.
  • Types of articles and goods banned from import into Vietnam according to the regulations of the Universal Postal Union and the provisions of Vietnamese law.
  • Vietnamese or foreign currency and other valuable papers issued by the bank.
  • Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, … or precious stones, products made of precious metals and gems.

Types of conditional delivery items:

The type of goods to be sent conditional is to provide all types of documents and procedures can prove that the goods has a clear origin:

  • Business goods must have tax documents and other types of valid documents as prescribed by law. In which the sender should copy a copy to the express delivery unit to be able to declare during the shipment through the route.
  • Import and export goods subject to specialized management must comply with the regulations of competent specialized management agencies.
  • Items for scientific research such as insects …; Items that are susceptible to damage, liquids, and powders are packed in a safe manner that will not cause damage and other contamination.
  • Goods are entitled to use air courier service without having to use the separate regulations on aviation security.
  • Items worth over $ 10,000 need to declare Operation to be thoroughly tested.

The above is one of the categories of prohibited items and types of goods are allowed to send conditional use of shipping service to the US. If you still have any questions about the above information, you can contact us directly for the most accurate instructions when you need to use the service to ship to the United States. Our shipping service to the United States is committed to providing you with the best quality of service. Over the years we have established a reputation for service in the market, our courier service has become One of the closest partners of many customers across the country.

See more about VietAir Cargo‘s Terms & Conditions of Carriage

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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How to order from USA to Vietnam cheapest price

How to order from USA to Vietnam cheapest price

American origin goods are always attractive to consumers worldwide, including consumers. Luxury items imported from America such as electronics, fashion, or cosmetics have always been the dream of many. But not everyone has the opportunity to come to America or have relatives in the US sent to.

dich-vu-mua-hang-my-nhanh-nhat-cua-vietair-cargo How to order from USA to Vietnam cheapest price

Why US order order service is increasingly used by many people

Today, with the development of information technology, your sitting in Vietnam and making purchases in the United States is not too difficult. You can make US orders on ecommerce websites, or through an intermediary.

However, there is a limitation that many websites are famous for millions of products being sold but there are no shipping services from the US to Vietnam, such as Amazon. And in this case you need to use the buy-in service at US buying sites. The use of these intermediary services will save you a lot of time, effort and money. That is why many people today know about American household shopping.

The purchase process will be extremely convenient, as long as you find a reputable service unit. You should not ask individuals or units that have no credibility or experience in this area because the risk is very high. You need to cooperate with well-known service companies who have years of experience in the field of purchasing and shipping goods in the US.

In Vietnam, you can use the US purchase site of VietAir Cargo. This is a unit based in Vietnam and in the US with a very large warehouse structure. Professional workflow. Staff dedicated, enthusiastic. With experience of nearly 10 years of operation in the field of delivery and delivery of goods from the US to Vietnam, VietAir Cargo ensures delivery to your place with absolute confidentiality and security.

VietAir Cargo is always your companion along the way looking for products of American goods extremely cheap price.

Guidance on how to order US goods to Vietnam simple and fast

Ordering US (order hang My) through American buying website you have come up with a very effective solution, making your dream of owning the best quality items into reality. To make a purchase from USA you follow these steps:

  • You send the product link to us via email. The items you purchase must be in the list of Vietnamese laws such as jewelry, household items, clothing, cosmetics, baby items, ….
  • After receiving your purchase request, we will advise you which vendor to choose, the details of the product to buy with the price.
  • The customer agrees, paying 50% of the order value, we will make purchase goods for customers and transport to Vietnam with the lowest freight. Goods delivered to the customer in 5-10 days with high safety, goods are intact, not broken. As such, customers only have to pay for the shipping and handling fees. Do not waste time searching for product information, do not take time to buy goods and receive goods at customs. All proceeds with a very convenient procedure.
  • In addition, with regular customers dealing with us, we will have special preferences for you.

With fast service, convenience and preferential policies for customers, VietAir Cargo is always the reliable address of every customer who wants to own US goods at the cheapest price.

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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Notes on buying US goods back to Vietnam and US price list

Today, with the connection of many shipping companies from the US to Vietnam cheap so consumers can easily buy the product just sitting at home can select the favorite items from the US. At a reasonable price.

From sites such as, or from the US, but you are having trouble with payment methods when buying this US and especially you do not know how shipping from the US. come back Vietnam. Or better yet, you do not know what the requirements of shipping goods or price list to select US goods like. So, to know the best way to buy goods from the United States to Vietnam, come to our international shipping service, you will not have to worry about the problems mentioned above.

buy-online-items Notes on buying US goods back to Vietnam and US price list

Notes on buying US goods (mua hang My) with US Purchase:

  • We only accept American purchases at reputable and well-known websites, telephone numbers to call when needed to avoid encountering web sites or bad sales web sites. If you still do not know what good web or not, then send product information or link that product to our mail, we will look up information and report back to you.
  • In order to avoid buying the wrong goods, you should tell us what you are buying instead of just looking at the picture and always think of them as the item you are buying. We rely on your requirements and review, select the goods for you the best way. In particular, you should choose the seller from a reputable seller such as “Top-rated seller” or from 95-100% positive feedback, we will not accept orders from the seller that has low credibility.
  • We also will not accept items using your ebay account or visa to purchase goods, in order to avoid the use of accounts or visa pagoda and use the virtual address.
  • We also do not accept any liability for refunds as long as your product is purchased immediately after receiving a deposit from the customer.
  • And if you want to make a purchase on or at any US website, through us, pay for the seller. Whenever there is a problem with the description of the item, we will try to help you contact the seller to get the best answer. But you need to keep in mind, this does not mean that we will always be liable for the purchase that does not meet your expectations.
  • Please note, our goods only store within 15 days from the date of return of goods, if you do not come to receive the goods will be liquidated.

US price list: (bang gia mua hang My)

  • The above service rates are the details of US freight charges to Vietnam, including our US service.
  • Special or high value items can be added. The cost of this import surcharge depends on the type of item as well as the characteristics and value of the goods.
  • The above price list includes express delivery service to customers in the provinces.
  • The minimum freight for each order will be calculated with a weight of at least 1kg for each shipment to Vietnam, with orders less than 1kg will be charged at 1kg.
  • The items traded with us have free insurance up to $ 200 in total value of the order. In addition, we have insurance coverage at a 3% cost of goods value and can support up to $ 5,000 compensation.

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

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Shipping to the US and things you should know

In recent years, the purchase of goods as well as the shipment to the US (gui hang di My) of customers at home and abroad are developing very strong. Are you also one of those in need of shipping to the US? But you are looking to learn the basics of this service so you can guarantee your own benefits when using the service. In this article, VietAir Cargo will help our customers understand these issues.

How long does it take to ship to the US?

goi-hang-tu-viet-nam-qua-my-chuyen-nghiep Shipping to the US and things you should know

Vietnam is one of the countries that are far from the US, the distance between the two countries is almost half the world. Looking at them, the time to send from the big cities of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, … to the United States will take only 3-5 days if the goods Only in big US cities such as Wasington, New York, … and can be up to 5-7 days depending on distant centers. By means of regular shipments and special, bulky, shipments of goods, the time taken for shipping may be many times longer.

The issue of fast or slow shipments to the United States depends on a variety of subjective and objective factors. For goods to be shipped to the United States in the quickest possible time, please pay attention to the following points:

  • It is important to understand the list of prohibited goods entering the United States based on the information available on the Internet. Most of the prohibited items of US goods are quite consistent with the list of prohibited by international law.
  • Packaging is very careful when shipping, especially for fragile goods, liquid goods. This is to ensure the safety of goods shipped to the US to avoid processing time and abnormalities occurring during shipping.
  • It is important to specify the recipient’s address in the United States, avoiding misprinting, which will prevent your package from being delivered to the recipient. When the address has not been accurately recorded, it is difficult to receive.

Carriers who ship to the US in Vietnam:

In addition to paying attention to the time of shipment, you also need to pay attention to the selection of the company shipping to the United States has prestige, received a lot of feedback from different customers. At present, in Vietnam, there are 4 most prestige shipping brands in the United States. These are UPS Express, DHL Express, FedEx Express and TNT Express. This is one of the international shipping companies that have authorized representative offices in all countries in the world and are exploited, providing fast delivery services, making manual Customs clearance for customers when sending and importing goods. In order to use the services of these brands, you need to conduct the transaction through other domestic shipping agents, these shipping companies to be one of the first agents of the brands. Prestigious shipping above.

About US consignees and addresses:

During the shipment process to the US, the exact information and address to the consignee is extremely important. Customers need to provide the exact address of the consignee, so customers need to follow the following items:

  • The recipient’s name: The full name must be in the correct passport and identification, not the usual name or nickname, so that it is easy to check with the delivery officer and sign the receipt. Parcel of goods.
  • Address: Customer must specify details from room number, house number, street name, city name, US state. Address information must be consistent, avoid the case of changing the house number or street name.
  • Postcode in the US: This is the postal code of each region, each country has been specified and numbered in accordance with international standards, so you need to specify the US postal code on your goods.
  • Tel: the recipient’s telephone number, including personal telephone number, telephone number (if any). In addition, you can record more personal email of the recipient to the shipping side more easily contact.

Hopefully this article will help you in shipping to the US and things you need to pay the most attention when preparing your cargo. See more about VietAir Cargo’s price list

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: or via website:, facebook:

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Charge ship from USA to Vietnam for iPhone

Shipping charges from the United States to Vietnam for all items in general and Iphone for mobile phones in particular are widely asked on forums and social networks.

Therefore, many customers have ordered iPhone from the US through e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, .. and thanks friends, relatives or a unit of shipping services to Vietnam.

Why buy an iPhone in the US?

You probably already know, the home of the Iphone is the famous American. This is a product line that integrates many modern features that support the user. Every time a new Iphone is released, customers around the world are eager to see it. Sometimes they lined up the night before with the desire to be one of the first to own this trendy, high-end phone. This shows how powerful the Iphone is. In addition, the carrier is also rated as durable, stylish, extremely elegant, elegant.

maxresdefault Charge ship from USA to Vietnam for iPhone

You can buy the Iphone in Vietnam but it is not easy to buy genuine. These phones, when sold in Vietnam, are often locked up for some function, or you can buy cloned phones or Chinese originals if you have no experience.

With the portable Iphone from the US, the risk is very high because it is not tested and unknown origin but the price is quite high.

To buy a genuine Iphone phone, quality is really you should order in the US and just use the service of VietAir Cargo with US shipment fee to Vietnam with not much cost you can afford. Own the phone line that many people dream.

US ship units in Vietnam the most prestigious
If you need to transport any product that is authorized by Vietnamese law and US law, using US shipment services from Vietair Cargo is an optimum solution for you.

You can order the Iphone phone on the US online sales site then we will ship it to you.

If you are afraid to take a long time to learn due to restrictions on the English language, or do not know which option to buy on any reputable website, Vietair Cargo can also advise, provide details to you. And if you need it, we will buy your household with a 4% purchase charge. You only need to pay 50% of the order value, we will ship to you and you will pay after receiving the goods.

You can refer shipment fee from USA to Vietnam for each item on website

US shipment charges for a package include:

  • Basic shipping charge (depends on weight of merchandise, which may also be reduced if there are promotions available).
  • Customs duty surcharge (for premium items and goods to be declared and paid)

For the Iphone, this is a premium product, so VietAir Cargo comes in a package that includes customs duties from $ 30.00 – $ 70.00.

This is the low price that Vietair Cargo supports for customers. But more importantly, come to Vietair Cargo you will be completely assured of your goods are bought with the best quality in the United States with the most reasonable price, fastest delivery time, cheapest shipping cost. Goods are guaranteed to be delivered until delivered to you.

Come to Vietair Cargo you have to the right address of the most prestigious delivery company today.

Any questions about the price as well as the process of buying US households, shipments from the US to Vietnam, US shipments … please invite customers to visit our website at VietAir Cargo or contact us at:

⛪Office in the United States:
1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 Hotline ☎: (408) 898-9999
⛪Office in Vietnam:
50/18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotline ☎ 09.8158.8158
For any inquiries, please contact VietAir Cargo via email: or via website:, facebook:

?He served to customers. Thank you!

_dmca_premi_badge_4 Charge ship from USA to Vietnam for iPhone
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