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Vietair Cargo - Official dealer with V247 phone. The only place where you can recharge instantly online and immediately call Vietnam at your convenience!

VietAir Cargo V247's recharging system is convenience, safe, and fast. Please contact VietAir Cargo so we can better serve you. “VietAir Cargo: a connection between Vietnam and the US"

vietair-cargo-v247-goi-ve-viet-nam-theo-cach-cua-ban VietAir Cargo V247 Call to VN

VietAir Cargo V247 gọi về Việt Nam theo cách của bạn

How to use VietAir Cargo V247 service:

Step 1: Dial your local or toll free number

Step 2: Our system will notify how much money you have in your account

Step 3: Our system will ask you to input your desired number that you want to call

Step 4: Enter your desired number according to the steps listed below:

[Country Code] + [Area Code] + [Your Desired Number] + [Key #]

Step 5: Our system will announce the maximum number of minutes you can call and the call will be connected.

  1. Calling a home phone number:

Ex: Calling a home phone number in Ho Chi Minh City at (848)39900422

Enter the following: [local or toll free number] 84 83990422 # and the call will be connected

The number 84 is the [Country Code] and 8 is the [Area Code] for Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Calling a cell phone number:

Ex: To call a cell number at 0981588158, you have to drop number 0 at the front

Enter the following:  [local or toll free number] 84 981588158 # and the call will be connected

  1. Calling from VN to USA/CANADA:

Ex: Calling CA at 1 (408) 898-9999

Enter the following:  [local or toll free number] 4088989999 # and the call will be connected

The number 1 is the [USA Country Code] and 408 is the [Area Code] for California


  • DO NOT click on the TALK or SEND button after you've dialed your desired number
  • Press 1 to call the USA/CANADA
  • You do not need to press 011 to make international call
  • You have to cancel or stop using your current international provider
  • VIETAIR CARGO V247 is NOT responsible for additional fee if you haven't followed the steps mentioned above


888.757.0088 - Vietnamese

888.797.0088 - Vietnamese

888.270.0020 - Vietnamese

888.747.0088 - English

888.270.0060 - English

Advantages of Pinless V247 Phone Service:

Clear sounds
Charge applicable per minute
No need to enter your PIN
No need to sign a contract
No need to change phone company
No monthly fees or surcharges
Does not expired
Global connection
Pay, manage, print invoices online
Many special functions such as:

  • Speed ​​dialing
  • Can set minute preferences
  • Automatically choose the best connection
  • Multiple phone numbers in the same account can be used at the same time
  • One Click To Call: you can save your regular contacts in your phone book. When you call, just open your phonebook, select your desired contact number, and dial access number, country code, and phone number. In addition, this service also helps you avoid dialing the wrong number when making a call.
dich-vu-one-click-to-call-vietair-cargo-v247 VietAir Cargo V247 Call to VN

One click to call VietAir Cargo V247

* Follow Me: This service helps you to stored your received calls and text messages at your convenience so you can save any desired contacts from friends, work, travel, or events.

dich-vu-follow-me-vietair-cargo-v247 VietAir Cargo V247 Call to VN

Follow me VietAir Cargo V247


888.666.8875 - Vietnamese

888.382.2771 - Vietnamese

888.666.8845 - English


888.999.8399 - Vietnamese

888.999.3188 - English

Quick - Convenient - Simple - Powerful and Economical are the top factors when customers choose few trusts. VietAir Cargo V247.