If you need to ship from the US to Vietnam, choosing the airfreight option is the best way to get your goods quickly. The cost of shipping from the US to Vietnam by air is not too expensive compared to shipping your goods through the post office or CPN.

Many people ask what is CPN. This is the term for shipping or courier. This service has been around for a long time. However, the cost of paying for CPN is quite high, so CPN is used by most people when transporting goods with very small volume and most of them are transporting documents and papers. The advantage of this service is the very fast delivery time.

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When the need to send bulk goods that you choose CPN, the fee you pay will be very large. Therefore, the solution for you is to choose a freight service provider, especially air freight. This service is very convenient for you. You can transport goods with unlimited volume, quantity and size. In addition, if you are a regular customer, you will also receive special offers. If there are promotions, the cost from the US to Vietnam is cheaper.

In Viet Nam, Vietair Cargo is the most reputable air carrier.

Freight charges are included, including basic freight charges based on freight volumes and customs surcharges for high-end, sensitive items. This surcharge is used to pay customs, to help your goods not be retained by Customs or not shipped to Vietnam. For regular items, you only need to pay a new volume on a specific price on the vietaircargo.com website. This fee also depends on whether you receive goods in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City or in other provinces

The steps of transporting goods from the US to Vietnam by air of Vietair Cargo

  • First of all, you need to contact us and provide us with information about the goods that need to be sent to us, including the quantity and quantity of each item. If your high-end, sensitive item is small compared to other items you send, we will treat it like you send a gift and charge it normally. If the premium is more expensive than other items, the freight will be charged at the freight rate. This is the most cost effective way to ship from the United States to Vietnam, in the most profitable way for customers, and in accordance with international shipping regulations in general to ensure the safety of your shipments. Back to Vietnam, not detained at the customs office.
  • You can send your goods to our warehouse, or request to use our service will always save 50-60% compared with costs you send yourself.
  • We will check the exact information about all the items you offer, including the quantity of each item, the volume of goods, and the price quoted for you.
  • Then we will carry goods to Vietnam by air to Vietnam.
  • Depending on your requirements. You will receive the goods right at the airport to save money, we will help you receive the fastest and most convenient. You can also go to our warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City to pick up. Or you can also ask for home delivery service for you. We will contact you before delivery to your home to arrange your delivery time.

Advantages of using Vietair Cargo air cargo services:

  • Fast and convenient shipping is the first advantage when you work with us.
  • The goods are carefully packed, are safe in the process of sending to Vietnam. Including $ 200 free insurance for the value of your order. The goods delivered to you without loss, the original belt, the fact, not swapped.
  • The transportation fee from USA to Vietnam is lowest compared to other units. You can see this when compared to other companies.
  • Professional shipping service, with 7 years of experience in the US shipping industry to Vietnam.

Every customer who uses the Vietair Cargo service is very satisfied and confident.

If you are in need of shipping please contact us today. High quality American products will be available right in front of you in 5-10 days.

Vietair Cargo is committed to the lowest cost of shipping from the United States to Vietnam, the safest.

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