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How do I order FedEx shipping supplies?

We make it simple to order FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipping supplies. With the speed and convenience of the web and a few simple clicks, you can choose from a range of easy-to-use FedEx Express airbills, pouches, packaging and labels to fit your business needs. And our shipping and packaging supplies are typically delivered in 2 to 5 business days.

fedex-shipping-supplies How do I order FedEx shipping supplies?

How do I order FedEx shipping supplies?

FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery shipments should be packaged using the customer’s own supplies, which may be purchased at FedEx Office locations.

FedEx Express offers a wide selection of complimentary packaging and shipping supplies. You can easily order supplies online with an account number and login, through our automated ordering system at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 (say, “Supplies” or press 4), or by stopping at a FedEx Office location.

FedEx drop boxes are regularly stocked with envelopes and airbills for your FedEx Express shipments.

1. Log in
When you’re logged in to, click Order Shipping Supplies under the Ship tab to get started.

2. Add supplies
To add envelopes, paks, and boxes, just select the quantity from the dropdown menus and click Add to cart. You can also search by keyword, select certain categories, or identify specific needs like water-resistant packaging. Click Find Supplies to complete your search.

3. Check out
When you’ve found what you need, click the purple Add all and view cart button at the top of the page. Click Proceed with order, then click Confirm your address and complete. Your supplies will be on the way soon.

Features and Benefits

Easy order process Simply select the quantities of the supplies that you desire and add them to your Supplies Cart. Inside your cart, confirm your order and shipping address and complete your order.

Get airbills and air waybills Choose from a selection of documentation types for your U.S. domestic and international shipments.

Get pouches Preparing your shipping labels online? We offer the FedEx Small Pouch for your domestic and international documentation.

Get packaging Whether you’re shipping a proposal or blueprints, you can find the packaging that fits your needs. Choose the FedEx nvelope for your small, flat shipments. Or choose the FedEx Pak, FedEx Box or FedEx Tube for bulkier shipments.

Get ground supplies including Electronic Shipping Labels, Ground Preprinted Barcode Labels, Ground International, and Ground C.O.D. Just type “Ground” in the search box to see a full list of ground supplies.

Get specialty supplies FedEx offers a variety of specialty supplies such as the FedEx Collect On Delivery air waybill and the FedEx Clinical Pak. You can even order labels to easily identify special handling shipments such as multipiece, perishable goods, hazardous materials, Saturday delivery and more.


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Buy FedEx shipping labels in domestic American prestige

Fedex – US forwarding company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is an abbreviation for the company’s aeronautical division, Federal Express (introduced between 1973 and 2000). Now the name of FedEx has gradually spread around the world, confirming the position of the largest courier company in the shipping labels

fedex-shipping-labels Buy FedEx shipping labels in domestic American prestige


Fedex express delivery service is committed to fast shipping and safe shipping of all shipments. Fedex can ship goods to any address throughout the United States and more than 220 countries and territories around the world.

Fedex combines flexible air transport network with ground transportation services, contributing to speeding delivery. Especially for dangerous, sensitive shipments with delivery time of 1-2 business days. Commit to ensure delivery on time correctly, safely and securely.

VietAir Cargo is a large FedEx US agent, so we have a lot of advantages and flexibility in offering many good service packages to our customers with FEDEX services. VietAir Cargo is committed when customers use express delivery service, shipping goods within the United States by FedEx label provided by the company can save 40-50% compared with external costs.

Benefits of using VietAir Cargo’s Fedex shipping label:

– Shipping costs save 40-50% compared to genuine.

– Providing services through online system 24/24.

– There is a cost estimation system suitable for transport modes.

– Guests can request pick-up goods at home.

– Track and check the schedule of goods online through the management system of VietAir Cargo and FedEx.

Customers can choose from a variety of shipping options through the FedEx network, including:

FedEx Express: Overnight shipping company, FedEx’s inaugural carrier, provides next-day air services in the United States and international services at pre-determined times.

FedEx Ground: Assures pre-scheduled delivery within Canada and the United States at cost savings over FedEx Express at pre-determined time.

These are the two most popular services at the most affordable rates. In addition, you can use FedEx 2 Day, Fedex Overnight, and FedEx Overnight.

VietAir Cargo is committed to providing the best support and always ready to answer all your questions. Come to us, you will be shipped with low fees, modern management system.

Contact us now for more information on services:

VietAir Cargo US

Address: 1208 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122

Phone Number: (408) 898-9999



_dmca_premi_badge_4 Buy FedEx shipping labels in domestic American prestige
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