In recent years, people’s lives have improved, the door to international integration has expanded. It has created many opportunities and conditions for people to cooperate, trade in culture and economics among nations more and more easily.

As such, the demand for international shipping and receiving of people on a growing development, the US is one of the major markets for the Vietnamese shipment of infiltration. Because the United States is a leading economic country with a special relationship with Vietnam, it is the relationship that is built long-term and sustainable to help the lives of people are better off, more affluent.

dich-vu-gui-do-ve-viet-nam US Shipping and Shipping of Cheap American Books

The demand for sending and sending people’s presents to foreign countries is getting more and more popular, especially for those who are studying and living in the US with the highest number of people.

Having grasped the needs of the people, VietAir Cargo we actively have a staff of young, dynamic, highly specialized in the field of transportation. We always commit to customers about the time and condition of your goods at the right time and at the right place.

Our fast delivery services to the US:

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  • Transfer of documents, contracts, study records
  • Fast delivery of gifts such as: clothes, thick cover, hat, …
  • Fast transfer of samples, goods, goods in high season
  • Move foods such as dried shrimp, dried squid, dried fish, candy, dried jam, coffee, …
  • Quickly transfer the beauty tools such as shampoo, cosmetics, press clippers, …
  • Transfer of electronic goods such as computers, telephones, machines of all kinds, reading machines, etc.

Book transfer service to USA:

  • Currently, in the United States there are a large number of Vietnamese students are studying abroad and are residing abroad, so the transfer of books from Vietnam to the US is one of the practical needs of residents here. When you need to send a book to a loved one in the US or call our service for specific advice and quotes.
  • In the process of preparing to send books and newspapers to children and relatives in the United States, you need to pay attention to the need to have a publisher clear and stamped anti-counterfeit counterfeit goods. In addition, you need to avoid that the books are soaked in water, if the water soaked, the book is very vulnerable to damage.
  • The rule of sending each package is within 30 kilograms, so customers can pack into quite many packages to avoid falling into overload for a package.

Shipped to the US and shipped books to the United States

  • Fast delivery process within 3-4 days and slow for 5-7 business days.
  • Customs procedures are all done by us for customers, customers just fill in the full information about the goods and consignee.
  • Goods will be taken home and delivered to the recipient’s home in the United States.
  • You should not declare the value of goods in excess of $ 200 when shipped to the US, if you overpay this, the recipient will have to pay additional import duties.
  • We will check the tracking code for you to track your goods when departing and delivery time.

Customers use our service always save time, cost when moving to the US. We commit to take delivery and delivery to the recipient in the shortest possible time, closely monitor the daily transportation process, and notify the sender and receiver when they have completed a delivery process. Row success.

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?He served to customers. Thank you!

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